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  1. grimes slander will not be tolerated on this forum. anyways, cocc vid is coming this halloween idc who ben replied to and what he said
  2. I can't believe i get to - per her request - suck cocc this halloween. and it's hers too
  3. not me googling if Yosemite is 80 miles north of LA in hopes of your theory and thus the song ACTUALLY being the closer. would've made perfect sense
  4. when did we first find out about previous NFR songs being recognized on shazam before their release?
  5. my book just arrived and so I've forgiven her, i am ready to wait for cocc watch me have a meltdown in .2 seconds after she announces it's coming at the end of 2021.
  6. reworking yes to heaven would be a disgrace, I hope it's not true. she already ruined BAR on NFR for me, I hope she doesn't touch any of her old songs
  7. she's trending on twitter omg and not even on my "for you" but on actual "trending"... did the book signing really get shut down by the health department?
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