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  1. NOTG really grew on me overtime. The vocal delivery on the verses is strikingly emotional and heavy
  2. Yup, my personal top 3 hasn’t changed yet. 1- NFR 2- BB 3- COTCC/HM depending on my mood BB is a really strong fall album (it even feels wintery at times) and that’s something that was missing in Lana’s discography before
  3. If we’re being objective, production wise, COTCC is a better album, and it’s extremely cohesive, on the other hand BB is the strongest lyrically and the storytelling is brilliant. The production on some tracks is like whatever, mostly the unreleased ones excluding Thunder. And again, I’m not talking about personal preferences, because I personally prefer BB as a whole, but objectively the production on BB isn’t as rich or lively as on Chemtrails. Overall, I’d still say BB is the superior album because the production is still amazing, simply quite not on Chemtrails’ level
  4. With poor streaming numbers and no vinyls. Most of COTCC’ sales came from vinyls, most of Lana’s sales in general come from vinyls. She performed really well without them, 33k is not bad at all considering it’s her second album this year and she did little to no promo for it. Now if you REALLY care about the charts, you should maybe worry about Elton who wasn’t even able to outchart Lana with a collaborative album that includes Nicki Minaj and Dua Lipa.
  5. If I recall correctly, the vinyls weren’t included in the first week’s sales. With them, she would’ve easily reached the top 5, if not the top 3. There’s absolutely no need to worry about her longevity. If the vinyls only count for next week, there’s even a possibility that the album performs better than the first week
  6. Twin!! My two favourite songs at the moment (and the title track has been on repeat since May). VFR deserves more love, the songwriting is so good!
  7. Elle, you don’t even know how much I love to read about your life stories and your relationship with Lana’s music <3
  8. Just heard Beautiful with strings for the first time and I’ll never forgive Lana for not including this version on the album The solo piano version is one of my "least favourite" songs on the album (actually love them all), but the version with strings is gorgeous!!
  9. After almost a week, I think I’m finally ready to share my ranking (I’m not including the interlude): 1- Blue Banisters 2- Violets for Roses 3- Cherry Blossom 4- Thunder 5- Living Legend 6- Arcadia 7- If You Lie Down With Me 8- Wildflower Wildfire 9- Black Bathing Suit 10- Text Book 11- Sweet Carolina 12- Nectar of the Gods 13- Dealer 14- Beautiful There are no songs bellow 8/10 for me on the album! The only reason why I’m putting Dealer this low is because I really hate Miles Kane’s voice, I can’t get used to it I adore Lana’s part though.
  10. I don’t see anyone ever praising the title track… It’s my favorite song on the album, it’s so simple but the lyrics are just striking
  11. And that’s what makes her music more relatable now. Who used to relate to her singing about chateau marmont and glamourous stuff?? Rich folks? She’s been singing about her daily life and her simplest inner thoughts since NFR, and her lyrics have become more relatable than ever. The Lana you’re holding on to is not coming back, like it or not. You’re free to unstan if you don’t like what she does now, it’s perfectly okay to not like her anymore. What’s not okay is spreading so much negativity as if Lana’s music was objectively bad now when it’s objectively the best it’s ever been.
  12. I get your point and I sort of agree, but you didn’t need to fat shame him… or anyone, for that matter
  13. Thank god we still have to wear a mask in public places because I cannot listen to the “mail me when you get the blues” part without wanting to laugh, it reminds me of Lana’s SNL Blue Jeans performance when Shakira possessed her for a few seconds
  14. That will never happen, but if the album gets some 9/10 and 10/10, the score could slightly rise, so maybe there’s a chance the album will end up with a score around 82-83. But there’s also a chance it goes down to 77-78 depending on if the rest of the reviewers are kind to Lana or not… The reviews shouldn’t lower than 8/10 from now on
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