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  1. If anything, her voice has never sounded better and she strains so much less than she used to… on the « 3 white butterflies » part you were talking about earlier, her voice is thin and airy but it’s just the style she’s choosing to sing with, it has nothing to do with strain. Her 2012 MDM performances were strained as hell. Her technique has improved a lot since then, and her voice has matured, but it’s so much more colourful than before, and she uses it much better too. As much as I try to get your point of view on her voice, I just can’t understand it
  2. I wonder what she did to get such a good recording of her voice on Fingertips. From the information I gathered, the whole song was recorded on the phone, but her voice sounds exceptional on it, it really doesn’t sound as if it had been recording through the voice memos app. Sure there’s white noise, but it’s also the case on Heroin for instance and that one was a studio recording
  3. I absolutely love Melanie Martinez so this is no hate at all, but I find it kinda sad Lana will most likely debut at #3 on the US album chart with 120k predicted units, while Melanie is almost guaranteed to debut at #2 with a prediction of 70k-90k copies sold… Like, I’m super happy for Mel but Lana deserved better bc at the end of the day, people only care about how high artists chart and not how much they really sell, and I can’t stand brainless stans on Twitter being mean to Lana
  4. Has anyone noticed that the melody she sings in the Jon Batiste Interlude around 1:05 is similar to Cinnamon girl’s chorus?
  5. Funny how it’s probably her least accessible album, yet it’s gonna have one of Lana’s biggest debut ever!
  6. Do we think the album will be getting any more reviews? It’s currently at 21 on Metacritic, same as BB
  7. Weirdly enough, I tend to relate the most to Lana’s most personal work. Even though she’s singing about her own family and friends, and thus it’s not really that wide and general of a theme, I find it much more down to earth. When she sings stuff like “Charlie stop smoking, Caroline will you be with me”, I can see myself asking the same things to people I hold close to my heart. I love how raw and vulnerable she has become without the world building she used to do
  8. Mid to bad critics seem to weigh so much more than good reviews somehow… I remember COTCC went from 85 to 81 after the Sputnik critic was added. Really hope Ocean Blvd will stay above 80, I know critics don’t always mean a lot when it comes to how good an album is, but it’s objectively better than BB (and BB was my second favourite Lana album ever)
  9. Love how cohesive this album is thematically! Candy Necklace : “god I love you baby” / “sitting on the sofa feeling super suicidal” / “you’ve been bringing me down” Fishtail : “I like how you talk, how you speak, how you look at me, but you wanted me sadder” Also in Kintsugi and Let the Light In : “I don’t trust myself with my heart but I’ve had to let it break a little more because they say that’s how the light gets in” and then “I look shining in the light, there’s so much riding on this life and how we write a love song. Oh, let the light in”
  10. Her voice really shines through on this album Love her little jazzy vibrato so much, and the way she so easily switches from falsetto to chest, how operatic she sounds on certain songs… Sometimes I literally can’t believe how good and strong her vocals have become! Ocean Blvd really floored me
  11. I don’t think I had ever cried so much listening to an album for the first time, I’m a big mess rn but what a stunning record Top 5 on my initial listen : Paris Texas, Fishtail, Kintsugi, Candy Necklace, Taco Truck x VB
  12. He’s always been an incredible producer and a very talented individual but y’all slept on him forgetting that Lana was actually the one to decide how she wants her songs to sound like
  13. Jack and Lana really gave their all, this song’s so insanely good I’m at a loss for words!! The production??? Hello????
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