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  1. they told me it's the same album twice but they vary color, asked them if they knew which colors but they haven't responded yet, it's most likely the same bundle from her store (gray + transparent) but we'll see, I hope so cause I ordered it 🥴
  2. whenever you decide to sell those records you're talking about, I'm first in line
  3. do any of you know where I can get the yellow variant with free shipping to Germany? 🌞
  4. the amazon variant is available for preorder on amazon france and amazon italy
  5. it's still available on her australian store :p
  6. yes I trust them too, but I does feel kinda weird that they'd have it, but let's hope for the best!
  7. so did anyone order one?
  8. just finished frances ha again, love it <3
  9. don't think anyone has posted it here but FNAC will have and exclusive colored vinyl, it may be the cream one but who knows since they did have an exclusive singles box set. exciting!! https://www.fnac.com/a14941770/Lana-Del-Rey-Violet-Bent-Backwards-Over-The-Grass-Edition-Limitee-Exclusivite-Fnac-Vinyle-Colore-Vinyle-album#omnsearchpos=1
  10. first (time since 2014) that I'll be able to buy everything and not miss a thing god bless
  11. yay thank you for this <3 (and thank you electra for your responses and help )
  12. yes I remember that but I found two different listings on discogs and the color seem to be different for each, so I was wondering if anybody had both versions or something https://www.discogs.com/Lana-Del-Rey-Norman-Fucking-Rockwell/release/14065414 https://www.discogs.com/Lana-Del-Rey-Norman-Fucking-Rockwell/release/14099496
  13. sorry I haven't been online for a while but are there 2 different pink vinyls of NFR?
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