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  1. Townie


    Waiiiit it sounds like a BOP
  2. It randomly started playing while I was working in the Cafe's radio (It's my first week there) and now I've had it on repeat since
  3. Townie

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    About a week ago it got available in the US! I'm still waiting for them to be uploaded on Spotify Canada tho
  4. Townie

    Heidi Montag

    I have to applaud her for publicly stating all the procedures she went through back then, I wish more celebrities were that honest. Also Body Language, More Is More, Trash Me, One More Drink and I'll Do It are just SOOOO good like I can't believe how underrated she is.
  5. Townie

    Selena Gomez

    I've been listening to Stripped by Christina Aguilera a lot lately and it's crazy how Revival seems like a modern reinterpretation of it Like they both did THAT
  6. Townie


    I'm still so upset about the fact that I chose to buy the mixtape on CD and not the vinyl However it's basically my go to CD with Night Time, My Time now so at least it's getting played a lot tho
  7. Townie

    Kim Petras

    I wonder how much this album has changed since pre-covid cause back then when she released Malibu she seemed ready to release more songs (Such as Tropical) and it seemed back then as if Malibu was supposed to be the lead until they couldn't film a proper music video and then she just left it flop
  8. Townie

    Charli XCX

    This is really random but this made me want to hear her cover Gwen Stefani's Luxurious someday
  9. Townie


    I think it's because her label didn't wanna pay for a sample used in the song
  10. Townie

    Boy Harsher

    They will be coming out with a movie and its soundtrack in January 2022. You can listen to Tower, the first song released from the project and the trailer right now:
  11. Townie


    Both were done by Xavier Dolan and it def shows
  12. Townie


    The way she should be evolving with every release and it only feels like she's regressing
  13. Townie

    Miley Cyrus

    So the Hate Me music video truly has been scrapped?
  14. Townie


    The way Born Yesterday is better than Incendio tho
  15. Townie

    Kim Petras

    The views on the FSN video are going really well! Hoping for her to release a second one for the album considering she almost never releases videos
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