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  1. Townie

    St. Vincent

    The three new songs from the soundtrack are really good, especially the title track! I cannot wait to watch the movie
  2. By the way I just rediscoved this song and it's surprisingly really good:
  3. Townie

    Charli XCX

    If that can convince Atlantic to finally drop Heartbreaks & Earthquakes and Super Ultra on Spotify then I'm all for it
  4. Townie

    Kim Petras

    Yeah, she's in the middle of an album campaign so to all of a sudden change the promotion from KP1 to TOTL3 wouldn't make sense sadly and her team probably wouldn't accept this so I don't see it happening
  5. Not me being excited about getting a Lana record next week just to realize I'm a dumb bitch who confused together September and October together
  6. Townie

    Kali Uchis

    On the Record Store Day it says "Kali Uchis' album pressed on exclusive pink vinyl with an exclusive alternate cover and a poster insert" so I guess it's confirmed to be pink luckily
  7. Canada's drag race season 2 just got announced and 2 of the contestants are from my home town Adriana for the win
  8. Townie

    Doja Cat

    Omg I love Volta 😍
  9. Townie

    Doja Cat

    Ride is so underrated, it def is a grower but once it hits, IT HITS. One of my fav from the album tbh
  10. Townie


    WOW those two songs are SO good
  11. Townie

    Caroline Polachek

    Hyd is the new stage name of Hayden Dunham (Used to be QT) so she's been around PC Music since 2015 and made many songs with SOPHIE (Many of them leaked in the last year, the best one imo is Makeover). In conclusion, stream her hit single Hey QT:
  12. I love this song its better than anything post NFR imo
  13. Townie


    I tried to cut her cover from Fallen Fruit so that I could listen to only that part on repeat: https://dbree.org/v/38e406 And I also made the cover for it
  14. Townie


    Waiiit this cover is so good We need the full version
  15. Townie

    Azealia Banks

    From what as last been posted from Azealia about Fantasea II, it still included pretty much all the singles that were released from it up till now
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