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  1. I’m a flop fan who only listened to unreleased songs from 2013 and earlier and not all of them, so all of the songs on both albums were actually new to me which makes my relationship to them different from a lot of fans here on LB.
  2. omg thank you so much for the thoughtful reply. I know a lot of people like WAH, but I have a love/hate relationship with it, so I didn’t include it. Maybe it’ll grow on me and I’ll find a spot where it flows well.
  3. This is the final “Blue Chemtrails” tracklist I’ve settled on: White Dress Chemtrails Over the Country Club Tulsa Jesus Freak Wildflower Wildfire Nectar of the Gods Not All Who Wander Are Lost Black Bathing Suit If You Lie Down With Me Thunder Dealer Dark But Just a Game Blue Banisters Living Legend Breaking Up Slowly Yosemite
  4. Came here to say this. Makes me want to shove my head through a wall when I hear it.
  5. I listened to Honeymoon for the first time in a while today. Some thoughts: What time of day do y’all associate with this album? For me, it’s the only Lana album that I picture being completely at night. Music to Watch Boys to is that bitch. The song is fire sonically, the music video is stunning, and it includes two of my favorite hobbies: music and watching boys. The pre-choruses of God Knows I Try and Religion have to be some of her best ever. The melodies are SO good. This might be her strongest album in terms of her melodies. I miss her melodies like this. This feels like her most lush and wealthy sounding album. Like I feel like classy old-timey wealthy when I’m listening to it… picturing like Great Gatsby or the Titanic.
  6. isn’t this a popular opinion? people trashed the OG cover and specifically the truck so much
  7. Urbanney

    Taylor Swift

    Agreed. This is the only time I’ve ever been excited for a Taylor music video (not a fan, just really love Lavender Haze), but I found the video to be boring and underwhelming. The lavender bath water scenes were gorgeous though.
  8. Do you buy her albums or just stream them? If you buy them, do you buy them digitally, buy CDs, or buy vinyls? If you buy them, do you buy all of her albums or only select ones? if you buy them, do you buy multiple copies, like limited editions? For me, I sporadically buy her albums. I bought BTD, Ultraviolence, Lust for Life, and NFR, and Violet (digital audiobook if that counts). I always buy physical (CDs) now when I buy, but I originally bought BTD on iTunes. Part of me wants to go back and buy all of her albums so I have them all in a CD collection, but it feels kinda like a waste of money when I’m getting nothing new, and I don’t even use CDs. They’d just sit on a shelf. What are your Lana album buying habits?
  9. I mean this in the best way possible: A lot of the songs from COTCC and BB are perfect background music when I just need something calming that will help me focus.
  10. Change & Yosemite Both have topics of change, references to weather/seasons, and trying to do the right thing. They also sonically remind me of each other. I think they feel like the equivalent song of their respective albums (LFL, COTCC).
  11. Nectar of the Gods is the best song on BB
  12. I wish the original post for this thread was like a wiki-type thread where anyone could edit. There’s legit no where else to stay up-to-date on the album (that I know of) unless you’re constantly keeping up with this thread which just isn’t realistic for me. 💀
  13. The NFR music video (NFR/Bartender/HIAB) is one of her best projects ever.
  14. the way i completely forgot we got music videos this era. I was getting ready to write in the Tunnel thread how I hope we get music videos this era since we didn’t get any for BB. I definitely watched the Arcadia and BB music videos one time each and then forgot they existed.
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