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  1. Urbanney


    anyways, I have nothing against the girl, but it does irritate me how much abcdefu is a ripoff of Hot Girl Bummer and Do Re Mi by blackbear.
  2. I like it, but I’m a little disappointed that the song she made for Euphoria isn’t better. This is my favorite TV show of all time and Lana is my #2 artist of all time, so it’s a little disappointing that Euphoria didn’t get her best work. Then again, it seems like Lana has a trend of saving her best songs for her albums. Her standalone singles for movies/series have never been as good as the stuff on her albums imo. and also, I’m sure the song will be a lot more powerful in the actual episode than standalone. I’m not going to complain about Lana constantly feeding us, but I wish she would gain more of a focus again. I haven’t been feeling much of her music post-NFR, and it seems like shes choosing quantity over quality. Or maybe the pandemic just fucked me up and I’m the problem, not Lana… idk.
  3. Urbanney

    Britney Spears

    256 page court document dropped tonight. Updates so far: FBI special agent Sherine Ebadi has corroborated allegations that Britney was illegally surveilled by her father (Jamie Spears) and he could be subject to criminal prosecution under state and federal law. Black Box Security, paid almost $6 million by Britney’s estate, obtained private phone recordings for Britney’s mom and others and obtained GPS ping data to track locations of people close to Britney Jamie has been requested to admit to having a romantic relationship with the mastermind behind the conservatorship and Britney’s former business manager, Lou Taylor Jamie accessed Britney’s “therapy notes” from her iCloud account despite being expressly prohibited from viewing them without permission Jamie Lynn’s husband’s business received more than $187,000 from Britney’s estate Jamie approved payment of more than $30 million in fees to dozens of law firms, “including large payments for evidently small matters, as well as significant overlap in work performed.” Britney’s former music director who worked with her on the Circus Tour (2009) and Piece of Me (2013-2018) said Britney was worked to the bone, often said she needed a break and to sleep, was forced to take lithium, and her schedule revolved around the timing of her lithium doses to get maximum productivity out of Britney Jamie made at least $6.3 million as conservator over Britney Jamie used Britney’s money to pay for his legal fees from getting a restraining order filed against him after a physical altercation with Britney’s youngest son
  4. Just learned that Sylvia Plath and Lou Reed, two artists Lana has referenced in her music, both had received electroshock therapy during their lifetimes. Interesting.
  5. Pretty disappointed that visual albums didn’t become more of a thing after Lemonade was such a success in 2016. It makes sense considering it’s a huge undertaking and really probably doesn’t bring in much extra revenue to the artist, but I really wish more of my favorite artists had embraced this. The Weeknd kinda did it with After Hours, just all in separate videos, how he kept a storyline and character going throughout the entire era. I wish more artists invested this much into a single era, really creating an aesthetic, storyline, concept, and theme throughout all the music, photoshoots, videos, and public appearances. As far as Lana goes, with how creative and dope the Chemtrails video was and with the lyrics + vibe of Tulsa Jesus Freak, I can’t help but imagine a visual album for Chemtrails. I think the era was such a missed opportunity, which I know was affected by covid and all, but still. I actually have been working on a visual album concept with the Chemtrails video as the foundation for what the rest of the visual album would be shaped around, and I can’t help but get both excited and disappointed at how cool it could’ve been if executed. Which Lana album would you most like to see as a visual album?
  6. Urbanney

    The Weeknd

    I can objectively recognize what an impressive feat this album is. I love how much vision Abel has had for both After Hours and Dawn FM. But something just isn’t connecting for me yet on this one. I don’t know if I need more time with it (first half of the album grew on me, but second hasn’t yet) or if it’s just not my preferred musical style or what. Favorite songs so far are How Do I Make You Love Me? and Take My Breath. Weakest song for me is Here We Go… Again, which is disappointing since I was looking forward to the Tyler feature. Also, while I know that all the Jim Carrey/radio interludes are part of that vision and experience for this album, I actually find it distracting. Where After Hours just transports me through a musical experience, all the talking interruptions on Dawn FM sort of take me out of it and make me feel annoyed. I guess it’s PTSD from actual radio commercials.
  7. This. @Elle There’s also a shit ton of nudity - like more than I’ve ever seen in a single show or movie. Just FYI.
  8. I’m going to openly be a gatekeeper, petty, and unlikeable here, but all these unreleased Lana songs becoming popular on tiktok… I was listening to these 10 years ago. Where were y’all at?
  9. my favorite show of all time. I’m so glad they kept their “DNA” from season 1. I was afraid they’d change too much and it wouldn’t feel like Euphoria, but the new episode just made me feel at home again.
  10. Urbanney

    The Weeknd

    The way I knew this album was coming out this week on Friday but didn’t realize today was the day until I saw this thread
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