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  1. Lately, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about if we had all of Lana’s songs from one album in the style of the songs on another one of her albums. Like imagine a song from BTD in the style of a Honeymoon song. Or a NFR song in the style of an UV song. I need it.
  2. Objectively, very good song. The lyrics and concept are beautiful. Subjectively, just like the rest of the Blue Banisters singles so far, it sounds too musical/theatrical/drama-ish for me. Fully expecting not to care for this album. Thankful for new content either way.
  3. Urbanney


    you removed the worst song but also removed the best song
  4. Urbanney


    Stoned at the Nail Salon is probably my favorite song out of 2021 so far. It’s neck-and-neck with The Weeknd’s Take My Breath, if anyone’s wondering.
  5. NFR Ultraviolence Honeymoon AKA Born to Die Sirens Chemtrails Lust for Life Paradise
  6. Alright, here goes my millionth attempt to figure out how I feel about this album. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t care for this album. I don’t dislike it. To say I dislike it would mean it would have to evoke that much emotion in me, which it doesn’t. I can also listen to the whole thing and sing along, but I just feel nothing for it besides the title track and TJF. I never feel inspired to listen to any of the songs other than those two, and I just find the whole thing forgettable. I also don’t care for the 3 new songs that have been released from Lana’s next album, so let’s hope she gets out of whatever this songwriting era she’s been in post-NFR.
  7. Urbanney


    Stoned at the Nail Salon sounds exactly like something that Lana would release, and maybe that’s why I love it so much I liked Solar Power, but I feel much more passionate about this one.
  8. Urbanney

    Billie Eilish

    I didn’t like the singles much on their own, but listening to all of them as a collective album of songs sounds so much better and makes so much more sense. I really enjoyed the album on first listen. Might stop at Target and pick up a copy to show my support. That’s rare for me. I usually only do that for Lana’s and Britney’s albums. Everyone has been rooting for her downfall this era and she came out and blew away my expectations for the album, so I’m rooting for her.
  9. Urbanney

    Britney Spears

    First court hearing since Britney spoke out. Live coverage here:
  10. Urbanney

    Billie Eilish

    Ngl, I haven't been feeling the singles from this era that much, but I still like most of them a decent amount. My favorite Billie songs were always her very calm, melancholic songs (everything I wanted, I love you, when the party's over, lovely, bitches broken hearts, ocean eyes, watch, idontwannabeyouanymore) and these aren't fitting those vibes much for me. I'm rooting for Billie though. She's so genuine, talented, and sweet - she deserves the world. It's fucking annoying how quickly people are turning on her. Building female popstars up just to tear them down is getting so old, especially when they are so young. Anyways, here's my rankings so far: Your Power Like a lot, but not as much as her older songs I listed above Therefore I Am This song is VERY Britney - specifically her demos and unreleased songs from 2003-2007, and I really enjoy it NDA I'm getting kinda sick of her sort of mumble-rap verses that she does on this and quite a few of her other songs. I love the rest of it though, especially that main synth during the pre-chorus Lost Cause I like it the first 1-2 minutes, but it just never goes anywhere and I get bored My Future Never have been able to get into this song at all
  11. The bass/guitar (sorry im bad with instruments) that kicks in at the beginning of the last chorus of HIAB always gets me so fucking good. Gives me chills.
  12. Pretty When You Cry is the best song on UV
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