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  1. 111 has a bad day and instantly opens the sky ferreira thread to release that anger
  2. is it that serious ma? damn😭
  3. i really just think lana doesn’t care enough. i really don’t believe that she believes she was born to play priscilla, you just made that up!
  4. at the end of Ultraviolence (song) you can hear lines from ‘Fucked my way up to the top’ in the background. Always loved that and I try and sing both parts at the same time always😭
  5. my god😭 now i know why leakers don’t leak more or hoard. be happy challenge please
  6. 5:41 is basically 6 minutes darling
  7. everyone go thank @ andrewhoyo on twitter, i’m just the middle man since he don’t have lanaboards also, the track is 6 minutes long
  8. no i am not lying :)) i am at work rn so pls give me some time!!! to answer your question: he plugged it in at the apple store lol
  9. “Cry Kill Die” he got it yes, give me a few and i’ll upload soon
  10. my friend on the way rn he’s 15 minutes away😝
  11. white lines pretty baby go skiing, you snort it like a champ like the winter we’re not in the lyric white lines is enough proof to know it’s about cocaine. some ppl call coke snow. florida never snows or rly has winters, so that’s the whole “like the winter we’re not in” line
  12. iconiclogan

    Melanie Martinez

    i rly hope she scraps the idea of all the music videos / movie for this album… it already feels so drawn out and boring. i can’t imagine having to wait another few months just for one music video. wrap it up melanie :/
  13. iconiclogan

    Charli XCX

    feel like people don’t pay enough respect to 20 steps & dreams from the 24hr album… like those r excellent songs she should’ve finished
  14. iconiclogan

    Addison Rae

    seated for this release like FINALLY!!
  15. iconiclogan

    Melanie Martinez

    went to the tour and i was extremely….bored like i get she’s devoted to her vision and execution but it’s so tired at this point 😭
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