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  1. Forgot to add - the HOYS leak was accidental, and it's from my vinyl rip. I have no idea why it was leaked, though...
  2. OKAY so here's my track by track review of Smile (including the Target Deluxe tracks)! In conclusion, stream Teenage Dream...
  3. I got the vinyl at Target today !
  4. Tangerine is such a serve, but why did she remove Die Young from streaming?
  5. Did anyone ever make a masterpost for unreleased Carly material ??
  6. Nomad and You Won’t Forget Me aged so well
  7. I love the metaphor of the Bad Friend video, but nothing interesting really happens in it I also think it MIGHT be my favorite song from the album
  8. Was I the only one that got a signed poster tf
  9. 5 years... for an EP I mean it’s better than nothing but still
  10. New song, "People Are Strangers" next Friday!
  11. Um can someone post I missed them
  12. The intro sounds like Fireflies by Owl City
  13. so chosen family exists...
  14. Crystaline Knowledge


    IN OTHER NEWS... She posted the stems for You'll miss me when I'm not around and an art kit for the green screen music video!! we.tl/t-VhjIsjxA8B
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