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  1. LAST NIGHT IN SOHO ! I watched it twice now in theaters (and I usually don't go to see the same movie more than once) and chances are good that I'll go yet again I absolutely love it though I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea
  2. I was getting my order in but I stopped when you brought up a great point about waiting for irl pics!
  3. Wait, that's one of her lyrics?? NO joke I have three different Kevins who are literally ruining my life rn - yall the connection her and I share . . . her mind
  4. VioletPrincess

    The Greatest

    Idk if I'm just late to this or just wrong, but I turned on my macbook (volume was on) and the startup note sounded exactly like the first note of TG, so much so that I thought the song started playing from somewhere. Kinda brilliant if you ask me considering the livestream lyric and theme of modern consumerism weaved throughout the song
  5. IMO the vintage 70's aesthetic really gives it some flavor and makes it grittier and scarier to watch so the modern/dark look of the others is more unnapealing I actually watched the original The Last House on the Left bc the 60s/70s look made me interested, but the movie was so bad I don't recommend it lol
  6. I enjoyed TCSM a lot but I don't think I'd care to watch the other ones, esp the remake :/ This post was trending the other day, maybe a pic you could use as a reference
  7. Riiiiight ? Here I thought I was legit done until the next merch drop but now I'm back on my bullshit
  8. Everyday I check my email twice or even thrice but hadn't in four days and I come to see this Another reason to make my 3754594 order
  9. I'm kind of obsessed with the Lana speaks design, like it literally speaks to me
  10. Anyone follow Anna Biller on twitter? I love her posts, especially the random TLW tidbits Also I went to Amazon Prime earlier to watch a specific scene and the movies been taken off instant streaming welp
  11. I ended up buying the pin as well, along with some air fresheners! Kinda kicking myself for buying the sun hat right before this promo but oh well - the email says "surprise gift with each purchase" so fingers crossed lol
  12. ^ Came to the thread to see if anyone knew :/
  13. My hat came in! It looks exactly like the picture you posted so it seems as though her team just took it off her merch website and moved it over to Ldrvillage. I knew it was going to be oversized but it's even bigger than I imagined, like comically huge but ig we're getting our moneys worth with this one Also confession, I thought the black ribbon on my Forgotten box was so perfectly done that I didn't open it until just recently. I was able to slide it off in one piece too but I'm keeping it inside the box as one of the mementos
  14. I was going to link Lanadelreyscloset latest ig post about Lana commenting that her sunglasses aren't actually Gucci but random $5 ones #frugalqueen
  15. Saw this on the reddit and ended up ordering it. I'd brew some black coffee and bring it with me on early morning shifts and listened to it with COCC on the drive. This tumbler is part of the album at this point to me lol S
  16. GUYS Came across a pic of Lanz in a White Dress and I really stopped to look at it closely because it looked sooo familiar. Then went to my etsy 'cart' and saw the exact same dress (which was automatically moved to my Save for Later since I had it in my 'cart' for /that/ long. I'm literally gagging that I've had a Paradise 2013 vintage tour dress in my grasp for years and only realized it now, for around 100 USD no less and no ones bought it all this time That and I found and snatched the white --> red Alexander McQueen like not even 20 mins later . Did not anticipate to add to my collection but I guess I'm just crazy like that idk idk
  17. the fact that I started shopping there around this time too
  18. appreciate you thinking of me! Def is huge lol but I've been really warming up to it - figures it would be sold out when I decide to get it I did buy the sun hat on LDRVillage, so we'll see if it is the same (or as oversized at least) . . . Also glad you're happy with your other purchases! I also have the blanket and box, both of which are some of my fave merch items
  19. Large hats are not my thing but I'm beginning to want the sun hat Do you think you'd be able to tell me your expected delivery date and post pics when you get it @sweetcinnamoncherry ?
  20. I can't find them rn but I want to link the tiktok of the guy that has an original AKA from Lana promoing herself and also that tweet of some girl taking one of her acrylics after a show . . . can anyone top those
  21. I only listened to COCC for the first time last Tuesday and I need to let it BREATHE God knows how long the music drought will be after the next album wait, did I follow along to understand the possibility of dropping two different albums simultaneously?! I don't think any other artist has done that, it'd be big for sure
  22. Unpopular opinion perhaps, I want Iron Gates before the first single + album
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