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  1. 99% sure it’ll be available on books , i don’t think apple does pre-order audiobooks
  2. SAMEEEE i was like omg here we go heres the ALBUM SNIPPETS :/
  3. eek the caption Tulsa Jesus Freak just proves it’s about Sean since that’s where he lives uhgghhhhhhh
  4. i personally think lana is going to release Tulsa Jesus Freak then going to release White Hot Forever as singles it’s far too late now to change the album name since the vinyls & merch are already going to be in production
  5. i feel like the bundles are going to have COTCC with them as well & once she announces COTCC the album pre-order and the VBBOTG bundles will be together , i mean it have to do with COTCC since the hardcover of the poetry book comes 20 days after COTCC!!! ◡̈◡̈
  6. I thought so hmmm I wish it would leak along with LIB,RBFY,YOSEMITE
  7. I think so because this was around the time she mentioned Hope is a dangerous for a woman like me to have but I have it aka Sylvia Plath and we know she probably had to write M.A.C and Venice before then
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