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  1. LAman

    Instagram Updates

    So could we get some slutty music with this manifestation or????
  2. Soon=still working on the album=not soon
  3. LAman

    Instagram Updates

    I think these 2 are a good match, first time thinking that since Barrie lol
  4. I think Lana’s team took a back seat after break my soul…
  5. I like this album, I just wish her instruments, especially synth, could be louder and more complex. Maybe next time? I want some loud/trippy sounds with her voice.
  6. LAman

    Instagram Updates

    She is free woman like lady gaga now
  7. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRYWotub/
  8. LAman

    Instagram Updates

    Where can I find her notary???
  9. I feel cold little heart vibes with textbook, big little lies energy sans annoying plot Aka Honeymoon
  10. LAman

    Text Book

    I like how both political sides are anti-Lana Del Rey. It makes me like her more lol she’s just tone deaf y’all...she’s not hateful.
  11. LAman

    Blue Banisters

    This song really shows a more vulnerable side to Lana (which isn’t unusual) but I feel like it describes the pain of loneliness even when you have people who love you. People crave pure connection and intimacy, more than a friendship. But friends make it easier to get by.
  12. LAman

    Nasty Cherry

    So their new song “Her Body” has me obsessed. Idk if anyone else here has the same thoughts or maybe I’m late to the party. I’m playing the song and video on repeat. Gabi is amazing, she is iconic, I’m now waiting for her to blow up cause she has that Lana vibe but she knows how to move. She looks and sounds amazing, I just can’t get enough. I’m also loving their little docu series on Netflix. It’s really fun to see 4 random chicks come together and make music while Charli xcx makes cameos. Anyway, I suggest watching this if you want a new Lana-like obsession.
  13. LAman

    Charli XCX

    Thanks, I couldn’t find it in the search bar...that thing never worked for me
  14. Why? She’s on a roll, and she ain’t getting younger lol
  15. LAman

    Charli XCX

    I don’t think there’s a thread for Nasty Cherry (the band that’s managed by Charli) but this video and song has me dead. Love it, and I get Lana vibes from Gabbriette. Maybe she is the new Lana...maybe not...but maybe
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