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    basically it's just lana del rey, arctic monkeys and game of thrones

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  1. harmonykorine


    @Atom Heart idk if you're still interested but this is what i have from mars argo. like @@drewby, i listened to them when i was in middle school too lol. so i've had this on my itunes since the music was released. (if you want it, where should i upload it? i never do this kind of stuff so idk what to do)
  2. @ thank you so much for helping me out! you're amazing <33333
  3. @@CarcrashBandicoot sent!!
  4. @ sent it! (sorry it took so long!!!)
  5. @@Tom Under the picture of her discography click the spoiler and it has a list of all of her tracks!
  6. @ kicker is one of my favorites too! i think it's amazing! and i absolutely love the covers you made! (is there any possible way you could make 1 more cover so i'd have one for every album of hers? if not, it's totally okay, i understand!) also, i'll add credit to the main post saying you made the covers! (thank you again<3)
  7. @@dsvelca yeah, it leaked a long time ago actually lol. and that's awesome! i hope you have fun!! <3
  8. @@Bae @@NuclearHeart @@LittleFool sent it to all of you!! <3 oh and kicker comes out june 2nd!
  9. @@bemargo just sent it to you!! <3
  10. @ i actually think her album leaked a really long time ago lol but i can't wait to here what you think! she's really not that popular so rarely anyone is talking about her. if you like her, i'll send you her other music! (idk how to reply to people on here, so i hope this works omg)
  11. harmonykorine

    Zella Day

    (Biography copied and shortened from iTunes) Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Zella Day blends modern pop with a touch of Western Bohemian flair. A native of Arizona, she was raised in small town near Phoenix. Eventually relocating to L.A. Zella first came to notice when her 2012 acoustic cover of The White Stripes' song "Seven Nation Army" began racking up the hits on Youtube. Soon she adopted a lusher, pop-oriented sound, which led some critics to refer to her as a happier sounding Lana Del Rey. (That's a weird comparison, but sure.) Her first single, "Sweet Ophelia" arrived in April 2014 and in October of the same year she released her Self-Titled debut EP. Her first LP is coming on June 2nd titled "Kicker" Which has the 4 songs from her EP + 8 new songs. (Which sadly already leaked) Music Videos: Her first single "Sweet Ophelia" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta3OsyNCuvs Her second single "Hypnotic" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pySSdwwx204 Up To Date Discography (as of April 2015): Spoiler Cynics Vs. Dreamers (2012): 1) Cynics Vs. Dreamers 2) No Sleep To Dream 3) Nobody To Love 4) Starlight 5) Take Me Down Kicker (2015): 1) Jerome 2) High 3) Ace of Hearts 4) 1965 5) East of Eden* 6) Hypnotic* 7) Mustang Kids 8) The Outlaw Josey Wales 9) Jameson 10) Sweet Ophelia* 11) Shadow Preachers 12) Compass * * = Zella Day / Self-Titled EP (Already Available!) Other: 1) Sacrifice (Insurgent Soundtrack) 2) Seven Nation Army (White Stripes Cover) 3) I Lost Track Of Time (The only song I'm missing) Powered By Love (2009): 1) Simple Song 2) Castles 3) Red Pants 4) Seasons 5) Mr. Bird 6) Brand New Key 7) Teenage Love 8) Lights Illusion 9) Can't Find The Words 10) Hope For Today (I changed the album covers on all of them except for "Kicker" because they were ugly lol. All covers are from coverlandia / @Sculpture on lanaboards! Links: Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook If you'd like a download link to all her music, just let me know and I'll send you: Cynics Vs. Dreamers, Self-Titled EP, Other & Powered By Love If you want Kicker you can pre-order it here or you can find the leaked version on Google. After June 2nd i'll add it to the rest of the downloads! <3 P.S. This is my first (actual) post on here. So if I did anything wrong, or something needs to be fixed PLEASE let me know. I'm new to all of this and still trying to figure out how things work. ☆ harmony ☆
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