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  1. I wanted Lana on the soundtrack so bad
  2. I just feel her doing a theme song or having some kind of involvement in the upcoming movie feels perfect. The film stars Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate and I can just imagine a song where Lana is singing in the imagination of Tate (ala Big Eyes). (only a coincidence, but 'Heroin' mentions Charles Manson).
  3. lanaaddict

    Paloma Faith

    Does anyone by chance have The Architect album instrumentals? Please contact me if you do! I am gagging for them! She is my queen. I saw her live at the o2 2 weeks ago and it was such a fun happy night. I love her
  4. I really loved the intro to Honeymoon that she performed at the BBC Maida Vale in 2015 (It was an electric guitar, compared to the violin of the album version).
  5. I don't know whether this really bothered anyone else, but throughout Lana's career so far, she *mainly* would perform her live sets with a more acoustic feel or a general arrangement that was nothing like the album(s) production (think iTunes festival 2012). However lately, in the live performances and fan videos etc, she is doing the tracks as I personally like them performed...like the studio/album style. For example High By The Beach, West Coast, Cherry, Lust For Life etc. It really bugs me when artists try and strip down or completely change the flow of the songs you expect to hear. It's extremely jarring!
  6. I am yet to experience the godly presence of Ms Lana live. And I want to. I have noticed Lana doesn't really tour here (I may be wrong but wasn't the last show she did here the Big Weekend one? Around May last year?). Well that was the UK, not London, but you know what I mean. I want to see the Queen
  7. About a year ago, someone on tumblr did compile an album (fan made obviously) of about 12-13 tracks which were a "film noir" album, comprised of unreleased tracks. It was amazing. I can't find it anymore though
  8. As I'm sure you all know, Lana's leaked/unreleased songs discography is massive and despite loving her official releases (like the albums, soundtrack songs etc) I have never been that keen on the unreleased stuff I have heard (bar two or three). I absolutely adore the cinematic element Lana brings to her songs, with production etc. I just love the Honeymoon album because of it. I wondered if any of you guys know of more songs like that? I really like 'Angels Forever (Forever Angels)' which I thought had a feel of that about it, so stuff like that. Thanks in advance!
  9. I made this just as I was messing around on a software I use, I really like the orchestral version and did a little intro for it Someone inbed for me if I can't! Lol https://youtu.be/m-G0fGqxZqc
  10. I had read on twitter there was rumor of this. If so, I really hope it's for the movie 'Jackie' coming out in December/January. It's about Jackie Kennedy/Onassis and a few others have said how Lana would absolutely nail this particular theme. I don't know much further info so any news will be news to me!
  11. On the live performances, I believe it is an electric guitar (I apologize if I'm wrong..I'm crap with instruments lol). On the album it's strings/violins. For some reason, even though the album version is more epic and bigger, I really like the live version. The intro builds and builds. Also in the live version is drums on the chorus. I think the Maida Vale performance of Honeymoon is the only HQ we have of it, I'd love to know if there are anymore, this is pretty good I guess: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CLlw8ju_dQ
  12. Thanks for the likes guys Only just logged back in
  13. I hope some naughty mod hasn't tampered with the OP, the link was totally botched! Anyway lol... https://youtu.be/pBJYi8L8eBk?t=4m31s
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