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  1. When all the clips were put over the Hollywood sign and it just said HO on the screen askdjads
  2. I guess this being the first single/buzz single introduces us to the idea that she no longer idolizes LA, it will be about smaller town things. Violet gave us this impression too.
  3. The cover is a little underwhelming but it gives me classic Hollywood movie vibes. She's definitely going to be leaning into that for this era, especially if there's really a The Birds video
  4. I love that some of the poems have her handwriting and scribbles around them exploring different ideas/words to use and how she's thinking about structuring it. There's also ink blots and coffee stains on some of them lmao
  5. My copy just arrived! It's so nice. Somehow it seems physically a lot smaller than I was expecting but the book itself is quite deep. The photos are really cute too.
  6. Doin Time is a cover I'm hoping for another cover! L4L is the only album that didn't have one.
  7. Her Bodega Bae pic, do we think she's filming something that will homage The Birds? As a huge Hitchcock fan I would COLLAPSE
  8. Yep, today is the first day since the 5th September we have some concrete evidence of something being released
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