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  1. Some of her unreleased songs are literally unlistenable
  2. Idol Of Roses

    Azealia Banks

    She's taking all the negative attention off of Lana and putting it on herself, we WON
  3. This is how I got into collecting vinyls! I bought the coke glass vinyl for Lust For Life before I ever had a record player. You can get them for a pretty good prices these days.
  4. It really gets better with each listen, and the first listen was already incredible.
  5. The article is by https://twitter.com/Idonttwit Maybe we should DM him and ask why he deliberately took that out of context
  6. Your reactions seem positive, I'm so excited!! Sometimes I listen to leaks but since we're so close I'm going to wait and get hyped for an hour ahhhh!!
  7. One thing I do love about the cover is the font for Chemtrails, much better than the rose picture logo she put on instagram.
  8. Watching all our friends fall in and out of Lanaboards This is my idea of fun Playing puzzle gaaaamesss
  9. I rewatched the trailer for the first time since it dropped yesterday and I got GOOSEBUMPS at the ending
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