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  1. It’s been a while since I truly enjoyed a LDR photoshoot ! Great work…
  2. I don’t hate the album covers at all ! Yay and the song will probably take a few spins to ring in my ears but the title and first verse is already quite evocative…
  3. borntodieofftotheracesbluejeansvideogamesdietmountaindewnationalanthemdarkparadiseradiocarmenmilliondollarmansummertimesadnessthisiswhatmakesusgirlswithoutyoulolitaluckyones
  4. BlueJeans

    Bonnie McKee

    She's a very talented songwriter with catchy hooks and very good vocals. She even managed to write an honestly good Christmas song which is not very easy, imo (California Winter). I wish her the best, truly !
  5. Been listening to this song the whole day !
  6. Not sure she'll get invited to the Met with such fashion but it's the one that I find the best on her...
  7. Social media has probably done her more harm than good in recent years (i'm talking about the backlash, not what she posted) so why not. The fact that the album is pushed to October 22 is more upsetting to me, to be frank ! But as someone wrote, at least it's coming...
  8. BlueJeans

    Billie Eilish

    I've had a overall good opinion of Billie Eilish's work (usually singles and a few album cuts here and there). The album has some material for the fans she attracted with her previous work but I'm very impressed by songs like Happier Than Ever, Billie Bossa Nova, Halley's Comet etc... She blends beautiful crooner-type melodies with her Billie touch and I have to say, I love it !
  9. The fact that this is so accurate... I actually had a hard time diving into NFR because of that (silly I know) but I basically semi-postponed it to the following summer. And I'm still discovering it, kinda.
  10. BlueJeans

    Billie Eilish

    I'm patiently waiting for "Happier Than Ever" (the song). I can't wait to listen to it in full, the snippet is so beautiful. Makes me think of the kind of songs crooners used to sing...
  11. BlueJeans

    Rebecca Black

    I saw this random interview of her on The View and the snippet they played sounded pretty cool, I need to make time to listen to her new stuff... Glad to see she's been able to evolve as an artist. I knew she was releasing projects here but it looks like she's on a creative roll. All the best to her !
  12. (Almost) all of Lana’s albums are masterpieces in their own ways. Paradise is simply beautiful. No one writes songs like these….
  13. I only recently understood the beauty of « California ». And all thanks to a Lisa Simpson meme with a caption like « when you start « California » again because the part that hurts didn’t hurt you bad enough » or something like that. Made me listen to the song for the first time in a long time and dang…
  14. BlueJeans

    Doja Cat

    Oh I didn’t know David LaChapelle was the photographer, interesting !
  15. I can be shy but I wouldn't necessarily define myself as such. However, I would be so afraid that I'm bothering her in a time where she wants to be alone that I'd probably remain petrified until she's out of sight...
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