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  1. ehh, I guess bc she wore hoops in the video for Chemtrails, they consider that chola cosplay or whatever... as a latino and someone who loves lana, I always saw her incredibly inspired by the Mexican culture and the aesthetic of it
  2. did you guys see those two negative articles on her, and how she "ruined" her reputation, I think yahoo was one of the sites, and I forgot the other one.
  3. hmmm, as a Mexican fan, I always saw lana show love to POC, even if some people felt like she was stealing from our culture, like when she appeared chola in gods and monsters, or like recently when she wore her flannel with the top button done, which I loved, I always saw it as her showing appreciation for the culture... that's all I can speak on as a latino POC lol
  4. Hey guys! I am so fascinated in the public reception of Lana, and her words, and career... since the start of her career, she's been super divisive and controversial, and things seemed to have cooled down post LFL and during NFR, but then QFTC happened and now we're here today lol. I think the way Complex ran with that singular quote and tried to spin it a negative way is telling in regards to how Lana will from now on will be perceived, and I think the chatter and dialogue surrounding race, and so forth, will continue to... plague (?) her and her work... If you simply google her name, so many articles come up with "tone deaf comments" or "race issue", and not so much any writing regarding her new song... What do you guys think?
  5. t think this era is going to be either a career low or a career high, and I think it'll push her further out to the fringes of the music industry, which is where she always kinda been imo... super excited for this album
  6. although I love the back cover, I would've liked a front cover with her in a flannel with the top button lmaoooo... at least it would've been more interesting... also I'm latino don't come for me >.<
  7. The cover and back photo (which I love) is kinda making me think that this album is going to be extremely divisive and it'll be a love it or hate it project
  8. hmm, were we expecting something besides the music video on Monday? >.<
  9. Oh wow, that's interesting... I have been wondering how the album is going to be received by the general public, and also if she says anything controversial in the songs of the album... maybe like if she touches upon QFTC or something
  10. Hi guys! I was wondering how you all think COCC is going to be received and what the reaction is going to be considering 2020 has been such a controversial year for Lana... probably the most divisive and polarizing time for her and her career. I am super excited for the album but I am really curious to see what the public's reaction is going to be and how this whole era will unfold for her. Thoughts?
  11. its not, you're just used to manufactured fake celebrities who run with the PC narrative that the media provides
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