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  1. kuntsugi

    Charli XCX

    will wannabe leak if she wins?
  2. kuntsugi

    Charli XCX

    the trapli 2018 album exactly
  3. charlie always looking musty but also piping hot at the same time
  4. i don't agree with everything (mostly the coachella part lol) but is always nice to see some lfl love! definitely an overhated album
  5. Don't Forget / Downhill Lullaby Orange 7" Vinyl for RSD 2023
  6. kuntsugi

    Kim Petras

    thanks! that's really great, you should start a gallery for her
  7. kuntsugi

    Kim Petras

    great searching skills do you happen to have a similar folder for if jesus was a rockstar press photos?
  8. i'd rather have freak but trust me hun i'll be screaming MY OLD MAN IS A BAD MAN to the top of my lungs on that crowd
  9. kuntsugi

    Kim Petras

    omg this slayage where did you find all this stuff?
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