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  1. i'd say this album is pretty much "classic lana" imo but in a lust for life way rather than a born to die way. but i also know a lot of people don't consider anything post-honeymoon as "classic lana" so maybe that's their case. to me ocean blvd is as classic lana as it could be
  2. the way this is virtually my personal ranking too although sometimes btd, lfl and nfr switch positions depending on my vibe of the day
  3. no i get what you're trying to say, i think cinematic is the word you're looking for. she really lost a lot of her cinematic element from lust for life onwards
  4. at first glance i thought the other girl was halsey lmao
  5. his tracks on MDNA were good tho, he saved that trainwreck of a record this one for instance is a song i could see lana doing
  6. well… without you, lolita, burning desire, black beauty, florida kilos and many others are all bonus tracks, maybe it's a compliment
  7. i knew from the start that the moment lana took a more adventurous approach with any record the critics would switch sides and give it polarizing reviews. that's the thing with them, they don't like anything that steps out of the comfort zone
  8. candy necklace gagged me so bad like i was expecting a piano track and it is in fact a piano track but also so dark, sultry and mysterious, nothing like flops such as beautiful. this is proof the piano is not part of the problem but something else
  9. margaret gives me fade into you vibes... a nice callback to norman's pre-release era when all i used to listen was that, mac and venice bitch and delusionally pretend i was in fact listening to a norman song a full circle moment for me
  10. just finished the album and wow what a ride i guess the pre-release was reflective of the record (in a good way lol) bc wow this album is CRAZY! it's like a rollercoaster ride, so many ups and downs and twists and turns, it just left me speechless i really, really liked it and i can say i was pleasantly surprised with most of the tracks, something i haven't felt with a lana record for quite some time now. i'd say this is the post-norman era's lust for life: the ultimate album, a final form of everything she experimented with during this chapter of her career. got some old sounds, some new sounds, some serious moments, some fun moments... it really has something for everyone. this really feels like the ending of a chapter and the beginning of a new one, and you best believe i'm excited for what's next!
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