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  1. i think the font is cute, reminds me of sophie's logo a bit
  2. my first unreleased was hit & run, i discovered it randomly on youtube back in 2012
  3. i have no idea what these girls are saying but i'm happy for them
  4. doja is definitely not winning with those dr. luke production credits lol she deserves it tho
  5. kudos to halsey for having a smart team that submits material to the right categories instead of pop trash
  6. ok but where's papa rick? that's the real question if that prick jack can make a comeback, then daddy nowels' return is way overdue
  7. i'm dying for anything hip hop inspired again tbh gimme those hi hats mawma
  8. ma'am this is a wendy's
  9. Imagine if Charlene did something like JoJo's Leaks, Covers & Mixtapes Tour, now that's a record breaking tour! MDNA Tour who? Rep Stadium Tour who? Charles would outsold them all
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