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  1. well... where is that guardian og wav file y'all speak of?
  2. leak sex up for fun feat doja cat we waited long enough
  3. her new setlist is really good tho marina did a great job picking the songs
  4. why the fuck is none of you excited about finders keepers is the floor fucking sticky or something how can you not appreciate this 80s bop between-the-sheets-core-baby-making-slow jam everyone better be jumping NOW
  5. technically, it was her cover of allergic to love since it was included in the breaking up video but other than that, probably something unreleased that charli performed live like mow that lawn or the SXSW songs
  6. all talk and no leak makes jack a dull boy
  7. ok hear me out… that on a heavy hip hop beat, i'm not saying it would serve but it most definitely would serve
  8. i admire your strength to keep going i hope you get what you wish soon enough
  9. legit or not tjf remains the best track on COCC, she's that girl
  10. u know what... he might be right about that one
  11. i have nothing against jack tbh lana just needs to let him do what he does best (which is copying dev hynes and replicating the same synth he stole from robyn over and over again) but for whatever reason she seems very passionate about doing this boring, uncooked and unseasoned type of song lately, even when jack is not present
  12. see this is why the sky ferreira thread can't keep locked for so long the chaos starts to spread to the other areas
  13. she's becoming one with rina
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