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  1. if the gays are that bored to the point of speculating about her personal life (which is none of our business btw) then she really needs to release another single
  2. they don't even put an effort into trolling anymore, like c'mon now
  3. "Whatever’s on tonight‚ I just wanna party with you / Topanga's hot tonight‚ I'm taking off my bathing suit / You make me feel like there's something that I never knew I wanted" should've been "You did it all for fame, tell me how it treats you now / You did it all for fame, how does that taste coming out? / You did it all for fame / Baby, how's life treating you now? It's over" and i don't care what anybody says
  4. um... not a fan of the editing here i am, however, a fan of the hair, looking gorg
  5. the fact that cherry blossom is currently losing this poll is very disrespectful for me #Justice4CherryBlossom
  6. quick someone ask ha about the lorde lawsuit
  7. this album is so good i can't get enough of it, been on replay since midnight
  8. i like IYLDWM but find it such an odd single choice, Thunder should absolutely be the next single
  9. you know what? this album IS IT! i'll be brutally honest here, after nfr i kinda thought lana lost it and seemed like a "gentrified" version of herself, but not this, this is the lana i know and fell in love with in conclusion, jack can kiss my ass and eat it while he's at it tbh he can get it
  10. loving the little homage to blue jeans live at snl in bbs
  11. the trio is just so random lmao she really did that southside trap queen
  12. i can't believe we actually made it, two albums in a year, wow third one is the covers album coming THIS christmas happy release day fam
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