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  1. EXACTLY. It sounds like she’s reading off the Reddit homepage or something. Electra Heart was fascinating because it was critiquing society and women’s roles and materialism but it didn’t exactly SAY that. Some songs of course had blunt lyrics but most of them were more hidden. I always think of this. Marina KNEW that if she died her hair blonde she’d get more attention because that’s how Hollywood is. And it WORKED. The same thing she was critiquing, she also sorta did?, and it was like mocking it whilst also being it. She even said herself that even though Primadonna was mocking someone like that, she also sorta was someone like that. It was fascinating. It made me see how someone could be drawn to it but also disgusted by it. Electra knew she was toxic, but she also understood how and why she got there. We knew society was treating her bad, and men, and that she calloused over. But we inferred it. We weren’t always just told it. Getting lost in the world of Electra Heart was what drew me to Marina. I dug deeper: I don’t need to do that on her new stuff. It’s very blunt and to the point. It almost feels *cries* lazy. You could tell Electra was really planned and thought out. But then again I love concept albums, I am only gay after all. I think it’s even better that many critics attacked Electra Heart. The very machine Marina was fucking with and mocking half the time (the American music industry) also couldn’t see that it was literally making a joke of people who acted like that. It made it all the better for me!
  2. I think what I miss the most, and I’ve thought about this a lot, is that in her other albums, especially Electra Heart, she was making societal criticisms but she did it in a way that really made you think. Like the average person would hear primadonna and think “oh catchy fun bitchy pop song” and it worked that way on a surface level, but for those that really looked into it, it obviously was satire. I miss the more hidden pretty on the surface but dark deep down kinda thing. I love her obviously! I just want less in your face and more “make me think in that special Marina way.” Idk I just thought Electra Heart was so much better than people let on. She really studied women from the fifties and sixties and nailed it with these over the top descriptions of them. Not to be that fan that can’t move on from EH, but I just miss it. Marina stuck out to me because of how you could easily bop to it but you could also really analyze it. I low key think it was more of an effective way of getting a point across. Electra Heart really made me think about materialism and roles and identity concepts without saying “This this and that” Idk. Rant over! But I miss that magic charm. I loved it. I loved the smoke and mirrors of it all. I loved analyzing it. I still study that character and rewatch the videos to see if I missed anything. I just loved everything about it. It was the perfect concept album. Everyone gives Lana credit for changing alternative sad pop but I swear Electra Heart was a huge part of that too. (And TFJ, and FROOT, too.) I heard in an interview when she said “they wanted me to be more commercial so I said okay, I’ll do it, but I’ll do it as a different person.” Amazing. TLDR: I miss the Marina that made you think “there’s more to this than shes letting on” or “this isn’t what it seems.” The songs that could be played on the radio and no one but some people would listen and think “oh this is actually mocking people who really act like this I.e primadonna.”
  3. I still credit Marina with the whole egirl style and the pale grey vintagey blonde hair. She did that years before it got huge. Now I see it everywhere.
  4. I FREAKING ADORE THAT LINE. Also the one about "I send my best regards from hell"
  5. You know what is crazy - Marina looks like a different person in all her albums. Its crazy. I know that makeup and wardrobe can really change your appearance but when she was Electra she looked SO different. Its insane!
  6. I do agree with you! I was just using it more as a basic pop concept album. Electra Heart and Born To Die clearly win, hints why I'm on LanaBoards and not DuaBoards
  7. As much as I love most of Marinas stuff (except L+f. I HATE IT) I really miss Electra Heart. It really made a mark on me and I was so into the story. I guess I just really like concept albums from Born to Die, to Electra Heart, to Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia even. I like when a specific story is told through a line of similar visuals, kinda like a movie. I don't know why, I guess because I'm gay lol. It seems like artists do a concept album and its usually successful and then they never do it again. I wonder if it has something do with the label wanting to establish them as artists and set themselves apart and when they've "made it" they can just do whatever music they truly want too. I really got lost in this glitzy but moderny vintage housewife vibe that was Electra Heart. I relate to that because my mom was like that. I miss it.
  9. I know she denied it but I mean, I wouldn't actually think she'd admit it. I like to think Marinas the kind of person who play it down but its a TOTAL slight against her
  10. Do you all remember when everyone thought that was about Ellie Goulding I'm DEAD
  11. I was just listening to Starring Role yeah that song SLAPS *cries*
  12. I love the bridge too tbh!
  13. I completely agree. I find myself singing the chorus alot out of nowhere for some reason! Its catchy. Gold is MUCH better than Weeds. Also when I say I like this song over that, I still love them all. I'm a huge fan of Marina and always have been. I just have favorites and ones I like better.
  14. AMEN! Like I love Forget and will listen to it, but still its not anything I haven't seen before. I'm just used to Marina having lyrics that are just, ugh, idk, amazing.
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