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    the full circle moment that is Ancestress-Her Mother’s House “you see with your own eyes // but hear with your mother's” must be my favorite lyric, just gorgeous stuff
  2. Possibly another single release before 2022 is up then? It initially reads as if her plans were ruined but I actually think she is teasing something, if the plan in question was delayed she probably would’ve used the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. She could at least drop Descending before the year ends to tide us over! We know it’s ready so she might as well
  4. It’ll probably be the same old interview but my God she looks incredible on the ES magazine cover…
  5. I know we all like to take the piss and hound her for music she’s promised and delayed continuously but it’s so discouraging to see how defeated/reserved she is nowadays. She’s admitted to playing her own part in her career’s decline but so much of her potential was also crushed by the machine, I can’t imagine what album we’d be on by now if she was in a more respectful deal that inspired in her even a little bit of confidence on the material she makes. I guess she just says the same things in interviews hoping to gain back the little agency she’s been denied? Idk I hope people in here are at least a little more empathetic before downplaying her involvement in her own music or making fun of an addiction she’s already denied, she seems to need all the good will she can get at this stage. It’ll take a miracle to get this album out
  6. Her latest interviews are so repetitive re: label strife but there’s also this undercurrent of like… pure sadness. It seems like she’s just now kind of realizing what big great things she can do, I feel bad she seems so unsure of herself. That part about being made to feel “demanding for wanting to have a room to change in on shoots, rather than change in front of like 30 fucking guys” is especially telling of the subtle degradation that not just her but many female artists are still subject to.
  7. Did everyone enjoy the chicken? I thought the chicken was lovely
  8. vitriolkisses


    Serving forest sprite baddie Do the AI fungi spell Björk?
  9. The only song from that era that stuck with me It’s so infectious
  10. I was streaming it earlier and randomly remembered when they took it off out of the blue and only reinstated it once SkyFUpdates rallied
  11. Did we ever find out why they had removed Ghost EP from her profile on streaming?
  12. Definitely more gripping and lush than anything on TBHAC, I’m swooning
  13. The photographer who shot the Interview mag photos is also London based so this definitely checks out, she was up to something(s)
  14. I could maybe see it out next year in spring and the vinyl in the fall but that’s truly wishful thinking. The way they don’t ask her anything new/concrete about the actual album in these recent interviews and only engage in conversations she always has regarding the narrative surrounding her… Like ask her if she’s shot the cover yet, estimate how many songs she wants on the tracklist, etc. We only really know a few track names and that she’s been producing it with Jorge, Ariel, and Bobby Gillespie. She also might as well wait to reissue NTMT for its 10 year anniversary next year after all the times she promised it. The ball is in your court, don’t fuck it up Sky
  15. Is this the most press she’s gotten the past few years? Looking good and feeling fine but we’re gonna need actual announcements ma’am
  16. So random is this one of those fan uploads
  17. Snatched a red vinyl thank you @eyelovelefteye
  18. Is it already sold out bc it won’t let me see it
  19. I’d die happy if she covered Surrender by Suicide
  20. I still play Don’t Forget quite regularly, the writing has this very classic 80s Go-Go’s feel to it that makes it stand out a bit in a sea of mass produced 80s revival songs
  21. Can’t wait for the vinyl pre-order to go up I wanna give her my coin after all these years
  22. This is the first I’m hearing about a Debbie Harry collab, where did that come from?
  23. I think CMITA is pretty decent actually but I’m not really feeling the other singles, especially because (this is me nitpicking) her voice sounds more nasally than usual. I like a lot of Sawayama, in all its corniness it’s still a solid successor/endearing body of work. I always did think she would expand on the sound/cyberpunk aesthetic she started with on her EP though.
  24. Album on the same day as Tove jesuis they won’t let us breathe
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