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  1. This “There’s always another album anyway, bitch” energy…
  2. Honestly, if this gets us Rock Candy Sweet, I’m here for it. But I definitely hate all her dumb twink stans and insiders who make up lies or try to spin opinion as fact.
  3. I love her. And fuck that kid. Agreed that she has some of the worst fans. Yeah, it’s a dumb rumor, but it’s even dumber that it was made up in the first place.
  4. Probably Wednesday at the earliest. I’m a little nervous. Not that it really matters.
  5. I’ve always liked NOTG in general, but I can’t help but think the chorus lyrics are so dumb. I get wild on you, baby, like the color blue… ???
  6. I’m pretty sure she’ll perform the title track since it’s the album’s release date, but I could be wrong. I’d love for it to be Thunder if not, though.
  7. I’m so excited for those of us who enjoy both Chemtrails and Blue Banisters. We’re super spoiled. I can’t really compare them, they’re two different worlds and experiences for me, even if they’re cut from somewhat similar sonic influences. Lana may not always move in the direction I’m personally craving from her, but wherever she takes us, I’m happy to go because she’s so ridiculously consistent it’s almost overwhelming. New Lana music always takes a few listens to worm it’s way into my heart, but I have no doubt the new album is already starting to (even if I have the same disorientation I felt with NFR, knowing a large part of the album in advance and having to wait for it all to gel together properly).
  8. The way this woman is officially unable to create a bad album to me…….. Her mind…
  9. New Adele’s a fucking snooze. Ready for Lana to give us some flavor.
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