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  1. The way you’re 101% spot on with this. I have a feeling this album is going to be a huge grower for those initial reviewers.
  2. Yeah, we should get a sales update today or tomorrow. If the crazy K Pop fans have called us to war, we may all need to buy another copy or two. But seriously - another #1 in the UK, 100K+ in the US, 80+ Universally Acclaimed on Metacritic, BNM on Pitchfork β€” this is honestly all we could have asked for.
  3. One of her most achingly beautiful songs. I swear this song will be regarded in the future as a discography highlight.
  4. Let the Light In is probably never going to touch my Top 5 on this album (too much competition), but I absolutely LOVE her placement within the album. The song just feels so good when it appears after such an emotionally heavy stretch. I adore it.
  5. I clearly need to do some reading because I don’t know shit about Black Dahlia and this silly drama.
  6. Sweet is honestly one of my favorites. I wasn't expecting that, but I love her so much.
  7. I already have the standard CD + all the vinyl (except Amazon's until they press it on the correct color, lol) AND just bought 3 cassettes from the UK store, but I'm going to go buy the Target CD tomorrow just because.
  8. I think she meant it isn't a good "song" in terms of what an actual "song" is supposed to be (catchy, defined chorus, etc)... not anything to do with Fingertips' quality.
  9. I'm tired of waiting on Amazon's slow ass (even w/ my Prime membership). I'm going to WalMart tonight to buy the standard CD + vinyl.
  10. Well, if any of y'all haven't gone out and bought the album, or have been on the fence about a vinyl or tape, show our girl some luvvvv! 100k + 8.3 BNM would be a total win.
  11. @Xenoblade 2 you can stfu about sales now, or love the album again, whichever angle you prefer
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