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  1. Listening to How to Rent a Room by Silver Jews. New song to check out!
  2. OK, thanks, I just watched it. It's a real bummer she thinks ppl don't like the last 4 songs. It's simply not true. If she knows her fans she knows they bitch about anything and everything. The whole album is amazing.
  3. Does anyone else get slight grunge vibes from Light Shower? That lone, almost sinister sounding guitar is so ... And then it's this love song.
  4. I'm okay with Dance Till We Die promotion. Watch Lana randomly drop a video for it.
  5. Lizzy, stop smoking…
  6. Crying @ Margaret being the first Ocean Blvd song to be performed live. Margaret stans truly won!
  7. BTD - Standard Red Ultraviolence - UO Purple/Blue Ultraviolence - UK Deluxe Norman - Lime Green Norman - Translucent Blue Violet - Blue Violet - Cream Chemtrails - Webstore Grey Chemtrails - Webstore Clear Chemtrails - UO Green Chemtrails - Amazon “Beige” (Orange) Chemtrails - Amazon “Beige” (White) Chemtrails - Target Red (Red-Orange) Chemtrails - Assai OBI Yellow Chemtrails - Spotify Picture Disc Chemtrails - Alt Cover Picture Disc Blue Banisters - Translucent White Blue Banisters - Translucent Yellow Blue Banisters - Target Red Ocean Blvd - Black Ocean Blvd - Target Dark Pink Ocean Blvd - Indies Green Ocean Blvd - Webstore White Ocean Blvd - Picture Disc Ocean Blvd - Titty I didn’t buy vinyl when Honeymoon and LFL were released, so I missed out. The earlier ones were gifted or bought over time. Waiting for Paradise + Honeymoon + LFL to be repressed on color, or just better quality pressings. I really want them, but…
  8. IMO The turn of the mouth = frowning/sorrow/grief on the face The depth the chest cavity takes = when someone dies, there’s no more breath, the chest cavity becomes concave without air
  9. Honestly, this seems to be 100% intentional on Lana's part. She seems to love experimenting with vocal texture and clarity. I doubt we'll ever get an album with crystal clear vocals like Born to Die again, and I think that's how she likes it.
  10. The only song from the leaks I want to hear a finished version of is Needle & Thread. That's a beautiful track. Dragon's Blood just sounds like an early version of Spider Web, and Garden's cute but I see why it got cut.
  11. Same. I'm fully gagged. Powder's on repeat.
  12. OK, but that transition from Tunnel Vision into Faerie Soiree is bananas tho.
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