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  1. Anyone else heard of him? My friend recommended me to listen to him. She said He reminds her of a boy Lana lolz He's okay. Apparently he is about to be signed to Interscope Records or something so random. lol He's on Spotify already weird f
  2. Sounds like a reworking of "Flipside"( the chorus melody is the same) -- with honeymoon and born to die era production
  3. i just died. I still can't believe that's the album cover its so bel air-y.
  4. i'm in serious denial....fuck that shit
  5. I've been so over BTD for months now i'm ready for UV
  6. i think "fucked my way" will be the new "Cola" just raunchier
  7. I'm a bit confused. Is every track on UV written within her 2 weeks with auerbach and recorded live? because "Old money"is an older song from the gatsby era i thought.
  8. Am I the only one who thought that there was a song called "Ultraviolence" on "Ultraviolence"?
  9. When i first heard it the song reminded me of her scalpel las but after a few listens it grew on me. Is it true it was recorded we live as with the rest of the album or is that just a rumor?
  10. I wonder if the video is gonna be ethereal like most of BTD's music vids. It kinda looks like teenage dream or something lol
  11. thank god that's not the NYC premiere date I have major plans that night. If there even is going to be a NYC screening....
  12. i wonder if the tropico EP is going to have different instrumentation of the songs like how body electric had a different intro
  13. that's not a tropico poster its a paradise EP edition poster and it says featuring: SS, GG, etc.
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