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  1. recurring themes and writing styles aren’t the same thing. She’s always had recurring themes (red dress, blue hydrangeas, etc). People didn’t mind the recurring themes when she used a more flowery lyrical style. That’s the point, you guys only like when her lyrics sound overly poetic and smart, even if they’re sometimes meaningless.
  2. Why do people always say her lyrics suck and sound like they were written by a teenager every time she doesn’t use flowery language? Just because the words don’t sound as pretty or intellectual doesn’t mean they don’t have the same depth. Imagine how boring it would be if Lana always wrote in the same style.
  3. I’m starting to get curious about Wild at Heart because it closes the first side and Dark But Just a Game because it opens the second side. Idk about you guys, but I’ve always found her songs that close out the first side/disc work really well as like mini closers before an intermission and the songs that open up the second side/disc work really well as mini openers after an intermission. It makes me think Wild at Heart might kind of sum up lots of the sentiments on the first side. Maybe it’s her finally accepting that she’s a wild spirit that can’t be tamed, or maybe it’s a sad song of her going off on her own again. It following LMLYLAW makes me especially curious. The second half of the album is probably more of the “personal growth” side (since HM, I feel like all her albums are like that). So I do wonder what Dark But Just a Game will be about. Since we have Not All Who Wander Are Lost and Yosemite following it, I’m gonna assume it’s the bottom of the well moment with her making her way back up and finding enlightenment/happiness by Yosemite. But as far as what it’s about, I have no guesses. Since Wild at Heart does precede it and Not All Who Wander Are Lost follows it, maybe a bit of an existential moment. Idk, I just can’t stop wondering what Wild at Heart and Dark But Just a Game will be like because I think the roles of closing the first half and opening the second half are quite important yet often overlooked.
  4. I finally got my shipping notification for the rose crewneck just now. Kinda surprised it got shipped on the weekend though, so I hope they actually shipped it.
  5. AKA: Smarty, Oh Say Can You See, Mermaid Motel BTD: Carmen, Video Games, Million Dollar Man P: Body Electric, Blue Velvet, Ride UV: Shades of Cool, Cruel World, Money Power Glory HM: Terrence Loves You, Honeymoon, 24 LFL: When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing, Tomorrow Never Came, Heroin NFR: Venice Bitch, How to Disappear, Bartender VBBOTG: The Land of 1,000 Fires, Past the Bushes Cypress Thriving, Happy
  6. They’re all bootleg. But the fact that they keep popping up in abundance makes me believe stopping their circulation isn’t one of Lana’s main priorities. I’d say it’s worth getting anyway if you’re gonna listen to it and enjoy it, but if you only collect “official merch”, you’ll have to pass on it.
  7. I don’t think anyone’s arguing that Lana’s actually “old” or gonna stop making music or that her age dictates what type of music she’s allowed to make. People are just recognizing that as Lana grows and changes, her music changes too and that she just happens to be past the “bad bitch” period. But that’s not to say she won’t be in that mindset again someday, look at Marianne Faithfull, she only entered that period after 30 (which is still young btw). And if it’s any comfort, most artists move away from their classic style as they grow, then settle back into that classic sound again when they’re older, so maybe she’ll return to more of her earlier sound in a couple decades.
  8. I genuinely like both the standard cover and alternate cover. If you don’t get it, then forget it.
  9. This bootleg has been circulating since before those songs leaked, so that would be why they weren’t included. I’m surprised they didn’t make it onto Love&Sadness though since that bootleg seems to have started circulating more recently.
  10. Jack still worked with Taylor throughout her controversies, so I doubt he’d ditch Lana over her controversies. He’s a real trooper.
  11. Whether you count it as an album or not, we are still getting Behind the Iron Gates after Chemtrails, and she’s been working on the covers record with Zache Dawes too, so by the time those are both out, I have no doubt she’ll have another album of original songs written and probably recorded. I’m not too concerned since her projects take time to come out and we still have a few to look forward to, so in that time there’s no doubt she’s writing since she’s always writing.
  12. Chemtrails Over the Country Club is definitely her best title track! They’re almost impossible to rank since she always has really good title tracks though. But Honeymoon and Violet’s title tracks are definitely up there too. (I love the dreamy ones ) There’s just something extra special about Chemtrails though. It’s so good that I wonder if it’ll be my favourite song off the whole album too or if another song will dethrone it.
  13. Excuse me but some of us love the standard cover and Lana’s adorable smile thank you very much
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