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  1. recklessdaughter

    Song vs. Song

    Oh Say Can You See vs Bel Air
  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’d love for Lana and Stevie to do a whole collab album together someday. I feel like they’d come up with something really old hollywood together. But I am sure they’ll at least collab again someday since Stevie very rarely collabs with someone only once. Maybe not on this album, but we can still hope!
  3. I do that all the time too, I’ve been singing “chemtrails over the country club” to the tune of “drive by” in my head for so long that it’ll probably be jarring to hear the real song lol.
  4. Right now I’m listening to this song and it’s currently thunder storming outside and it makes the song sound way more dark & haunting, so I just had to share that with you guys.
  5. I was just thinking that. What if that’s why we had so many snippets from NFR....
  6. The mask is ineffective, but we don’t know why she was wearing that one specifically. For all we know, she got to the store and realized she forgot a mask, but did have that one, and figured it would be ok if she was fast and it was still better than nothing. Still not excusable, but that would at least be an understandable situation. She’s only human after all. And she’s probably at home now thinking of course the one time she wears a faulty mask, she gets spotted by a fan and gets dragged on the internet. I mean, she normally wears good masks and even just recently said to wear a mask but not the rhinestone one, so it does seem more likely that it was all she had on her. Half the people I see walking around stores just have broken disposable masks hanging off one ear and exposing their entire face anyway, so she’s at least doing better than those people.
  7. Just realizing now after Lana referred to her kittens as her children that the line “there are children at the end of my bed telling me stories about the friends that they pretend to hate that they will make up with later” is probably about her cats. And it makes so much sense too. Cats are always fighting and pretending to hate each other, then making up later. That’s exactly how I’d describe cats interacting lol.
  8. January February March - Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass April - Norman fucking Rockwell May - Honeymoon June - Paradise July August - Lust for Life September - Born to Die October November - Ultraviolence December - Lana Del Ray aka Lizzy Grant So far I’m getting October energy for Chemtrails and February energy for Iron Gates, but since I haven’t heard them yet, my intuition is irrelevant.
  9. Whenever people theorize Yosemite will be on the album, I remember how during the Norman prerelease, there was someone on twitter who said Yosemite would be on the album after the album after Norman (can anyone find that tweet? I tried & failed lol) and for some reason that theory was so weird & specific that it just stayed in my head. I keep thinking how freaky it would be if Yosemite really was on Chemtrails because if you count Violet as an album (you don’t have to, it’s subjective), then that prediction would be right. I’m pretty sure that prediction was before we got the Norman tracklist too, so I don’t think it was related to getting TNBAR, but I could be wrong. I just can’t stop thinking about that lately and it almost makes me think Yosemite will be on the tracklist and that a psychic saw it ages ago lol.
  10. I personally and sincerely think all Lana’s albums are “witchy”
  11. Maybe it’s in reference to a card dealer, like she’s dealing the cards of fate or something like in Stevie Nicks’ song The Dealer
  12. Omg I love musicals! I was a theatre kid back in the day, so musicals are such core part of my being. I honestly probably listen to musical soundtracks (both stage & screen) more than anything else (except Lana). I don’t even know where to start with what kinds of musicals I like, I love stage musicals and classic movie musicals and Disney.. pretty much everything. I guess I’d consider old Shirley Temple and Judy Garland movies the thing that originally got me into musicals, so those are probably the most precious to me. I guess classic movie musicals would kind of be my musical niche if I had one. I love the insane visuals of Busby Berkeley or Ernst Lubitsch musicals. It’s a shame most movie musicals these days seem to have no imagination. And I haven’t seen lots of live shows though, just bootlegs, so I do feel lesser in that department, but I do still adore live musicals. Would love to someday see The Lord of the Rings musical or Wicked or Next to Normal live since those aren’t movies yet, but it seems even less likely to see more live shows now with everything in the world. here’s an example of a crazy Busby Berkeley musical number (seriously I love these wacky old musicals so much) And here’s just my favourite scene/song from the Lord of the Rings musical
  13. 1. Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass 2. Honeymoon 3. Norman fucking Rockwell! 4. Ultraviolence 5. Lana Del Ray aka Lizzy Grant 6. Paradise 7. Lust for Life 8. Born to Die It does vary from day to day since they’re all enchanting though. And I often wonder where Chemtrails will fall on the ranking...
  14. I was just thinking about the wizard of oz theory again and while I had been looking at it from the perspective of Lana as Dorothy, I’ve just thought of another direction a wizard of Oz theme could take. What if she’s the wicked witch? I mean Dorothy fell out of nowhere and killed the one witch unintentionally and got all this praise and literally put her in their hall of fame and they gave her the ruby slippers, then the witch of the west shows up to see that the shoes she should’ve got were given to this random girl who doesn’t even know what’s going on. Lana’s always made out to be the villain or the “wicked witch” and everyone’s always trying to “cancel” her, so it would work with Dorothy more representing the newer alt pop girls who get all the praise Lana deserved. I like the Lana as Dorothy theory with her trying to find her way back home from hollyweird better though, but it’s interesting how it can work either way.
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