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  1. how dare she! someone alert the police! we can't let her get away with this!
  2. i'm waiting. it's only a week. it's good to practice a little self-control and patience every once in awhile.
  3. yes, in canada. unfortunately there's no cd stores in my town and the record store didn't get the vinyls yet (but they said the release date for the vinyl is still set for today though, i called)
  4. in their defense, every record store i had called this month had today listed as the release date, so actually many chains & independent record stores were specifically given today as the release date, why wouldn't they believe it? just last week i actually told the guy who owns the record shop in my town the correct date and he didn't believe me
  5. i just realized chemtrails came out 8 months after violet and now blue banisters is coming out 7 months after chemtrails meaning we should expect another lana album in 6 months
  6. only boys would expect a woman to pick out a different type of flower for every single album. women don't have time for that shit. we don't want to turn flowers into a chore, we want to enjoy them! strict guidelines are masculine and depressing and we reject it. every flower for every album! that's why lana's giving us violets and roses and wildflowers and cherry blossoms all together on this album! #stopsegregatingflowers
  7. you say this literally every album, always after we've had the pre-order for awhile too. either you're trying to manifest her albums being scrapped (&after orders somehow lol) or you're dumb as bricks.
  8. only women get to listen to the whole album period
  9. me & the girls listening to thunder legally on october 22nd (no boys allowed)
  10. you can't just expect women to be just like men we're doing our best, it's not our fault men aren't reliable that's why lana gives the girls music and the boys can't listen y'all have done enough also leave our sister nikki alone and go pick on men. they at least deserve it.
  11. i heard lana's releasing another single before the album but only for the girls apparently it won't even show up for men what a generous queen!
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