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  1. Imagine if she’d stuck with the Neil Krug cover, not only in terms of aesthetic value, but she also wouldn’t have felt the need to post that comment pre-emptively defending herself re: inclusivity in the group photo... that timeline...
  2. I don’t know if anyone else clocked this, but “Nobody’s Daughter” is also a Hole reference, it’s the name of a great song/less great album, she’s shouting out Courtney. I adore the song, and I audibly gasped when I saw the car in the video be swept up into the tornado. I REALLY hope the album version includes her ad-libs at the end as included in the video, but even still, the drum section very much suggested to me that it’s going to at least somewhat lead into the next track, just like the cicada sounds right at the tail-end of LMLYLAW. Hence, in addition to the similar vocal production (more delicate, less muffled however layered), I’m expecting a more cohesive album than NFR which excites me, because that album’s highs were amazing, but the record was disjointed. Regarding people not liking the lyrics, they’re clearly painterly and stream of consciousness - Lana has always been a visual storyteller through her lyricism. I’m a fine artist and listening to it on repeat has single-handedly reinspired me in my own work. I am totally unimpressed by her conduct on social media/the interview though, let the music speak for itself. Also while I’m here, the Neil Krug cover is just miles beyond what she settled on, but that’s a whole other rant. In any case, I’m excited.
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