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  1. I don't know about her releasing material under her birth name. But I most definitely think that she should've released all the 'Violet' related material all at once, because right now it feels like there are two different eras/projects happening all at once. We have little to no information about one project and then some breadcrumbs about the other, it doesn't feel separate and clear like the other artists that are also releasing poetry. It's very non-sensical and confusing from a business and artistic point of view. Such a mess.
  2. Jen's little sister gives me that "oh look my sister is good friends with a celebrity, lemme take a pic quick" vibe Thanks tho Mackenzie, Lana looks gorgeous.
  3. the truth is that everything gets inevitably delayed with Miss Del Rey.
  4. Not to sound pretentious or delusional, but in my view, BTD is legit one of the, if not the most influential pop album of the 2010s. It got done dirty by the media, but it still had a strong, longlasting impact on the music scene.
  5. That list was a choice, makes sense they chose NFR over Born To Die, Ultraviolence and/or Honeymoon. Since it's her most palatable/digestible and least "controversial" album. I'm happy she got acknowledged for something though.
  6. I don't feel like we'll get anything, from a single to a release date or any type of announcement regarding COCC, before the hardcover of 'Violet' is out.
  7. RIGHT? I'd die for something halfway between 'Ride' and like 'West Coast' sonically.
  8. 'HIAB', from a lyrical perspective, it feels like three different songs that she mashed up together. Just my opinion though.
  9. I'm actually really curious to hear the title track, the way she talked about it in the interview makes me feel like we're going to have some sort of 'Happiness is a butterfly' lyrical mashup episode again. A song about chemtrails in which she simultaneously confess her love for her siblings and LA girlies?
  10. 1. Dan Auerbach 2. Rick Nowels 3. Rick Ruben 4. Emile Haynie
  11. Idk it sounds too obvious of a jab directed at S**n. I don't mind Lana being sassy at all, but I prefer when it's a bit more cryptic and makes you wonder who is she actually throwing shade at. Much like in the vein of 'Brooklyn Baby' or 'Fucked My Way Up To The Top'. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  12. I don't feel like we're going to get anything for the rest of September, leaks or not. Didn't most of the "insiders" on here and on Twitter basically said that we were not getting stuff anytime soon and that they (her team) are actually putting efforts into promoting the 'Violet' hardcover release? A lot of LanaBoards users (including me) have DM'd several streaming platforms, record stores and libraries all around the world asking for info regarding COCC's release date and none of them actually have a release date; it's still TBA (and if they did have one it was September 5th or like October 2nd). To top it off, Lana herself uttered the dreaded word. I was onboard for COCCtober, but even that now sounds unlikely.
  13. I'm not entirely sure both of these songs technically qualify as "ballads", however I do agree with the sentiment here.
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