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  1. so you think we won't hear Jen Stith backing vocals on White Dress uh
  2. Happy birthday to the album that started it all! The way this is one of the most influential pop albums of the 2010s. A trailblazer record that was not exactly rightfully appreciated upon its release, but people have come to their senses over the years. Iconic. When I first played it in full, sometime in the summer of 2012, from the first notes of the strings, I knew I'd be into something grand and unforgettable. Incredibly thankful for the memories this album has gave me. PS: 'Off to The Races' is one of the greatest pop songs ever released and 'Radio' is severely underrated.
  3. I'm fed up with female writers and alt singers saying that I glamourize abuse... and disregard the gentrification of Brooklyn in my song 'Brooklyn Baby'. When in reality I'm just a native New Yorker singing about my rad record collection and smoking hydroponic weed with my cool boyfriend (who is not as cool as me). The irony of 'Brooklyn Baby' being a sarcastic song, and actually a subtle jab at her critics as well as a little dig at Brooklyn hipsters, was surely lost on that so called writer. That article is the fucking reach of the century istg.
  4. The virtue signaling in that article jumped off
  5. The way I received my little Surf Shop t-shirt four months after the alleged "shipping date" War flashbacks.
  6. Fair enough. What can I say though... people are bored. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  7. I agree with you, but I also think that it's totally valid to come on here and make comments, analyze, criticize Lana's artistic directions and aestheticsโ€“even if it's done ad nauseam. For some people her so called aesthetic is a very important part of her appeal, complementary to her music and overall sound. Art is the one thing that is very subjective and and relies almost solely on personal appreciation.
  8. I never once said that I thought it was okay to attack someone from wanting to collect Lana items?
  9. I personally think that collecting for the sake of collecting is totally fine, I think a lot of us do that on here (I legit bought both the gray vinyl edition and that iffy box set). There is nothing wrong with that. But at the same token, it is also completely valid to express criticism towards Lana's artistic and/or aesthetic directions with all her albums, let alone COCC. I for one think that the cover is absolutely terrible, literally her worst imho, but that didn't stop me from buying some merch? Just like I have a strong dislike for the NFR era, again, that didn't stop me from buying that expansive FNAC edition.
  10. I think it's time for Lana, Dan Auerbach, Alex Turner and Kevin Parker to band together. I want to hear that. 'Lana and the Boys'? Yes.
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