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  1. When it's dead silent during that rambunctious-mystical piano bit in Candy Necklace, because everyone is in trance
  2. If she performs Venice Bitch it's a win, only fools don't change their minds
  3. In all seriousness, and we'll see with this Saturday's performance, but I think there is a way to incorporate your own classics, while also incorporating newer/never performed, bombastic and/or impactful songs into a festival set to keep it fresh. It's all about balance and vibes.
  4. Her own lack of taste ETA: Imagine her opening the set with some old school song from a forgotten or iconic movie like she did in 2015, 2016 and 2018, and after that Byron would've started playing an extended piano intro to White Dress, she walks on stage, salutes the crowd and then "Sun staaaare...". I would've lost it.
  5. A broken clock is right twice a day.
  6. I think some people lack music knowledge when they act like festival performances must be a greatest hits performance, or musical pot-pourri of sorts. A lot of artists perform big festivals and pretty much do the same set they would as part of a normal tour, or even better, a festival performance is sometimes apart of their current tour (in promotion of their most recent project). Her setlist has been the subject of criticism for years--people saying she's just comfortable singing the same songs and doesn't feel like singing her most recent songs (at the time of their release). I remember this very forum criticizing her for singing 4 NFR songs on the NFR tour.
  7. Exactly, most fans are seasoned fans and have either been to her shows, or watched countless videos of her performing the same songs for the past 11 years. A lot of us just wish she was more adventurous with her setlist, it's cute, but it's very safe/stale at this point. Every tour of hers, has been 50% Born To Die songs + a handful of tracks from the most recent albums + one unreleased track. It's not complaining, it's just stating facts.
  8. I think it was to be expected, but it's disappointing, she's basically skipping two eras/albums. I understand that Festival performances are more grand public and less niche than standard tours, but still. I feel like some songs deserved to be on the setlist, although time will tell, we don't have the full setlist just yet--but it's looking to be pretty standardized/neutral...
  9. So this is the Born to Die tour + selected songs from her discography
  10. I hope someone suggests to her to open the show with White Dress.
  11. Venice Bitch as a closing track would've been so good though...
  12. and just like that you just earned your very first reputation point 😌
  13. First thing I thought of was this iconique performance
  14. As far as I know Scooter Braun purchased her masters, but not her copyrights. She still "owns" her songs.
  15. NOOOOOOO Rest in love, Legend. She was simply the best.
  16. There is nothing sacrilegious in saying that something is a cashgrab in this industry, she's one of many artists that has cashgrabbing ways, as long as you acknowledge it for what it is
  17. No disrespect to Taylor, I think she works hard and has an impressively large discography, but I can't deny that a lot of what she does (especially the whole Taylor's version thing) is giving cashgrab. But good for her stans if they feel fed.
  18. peope act like it's an insult saying that whatever she does is calculated and carefully thought out, it's not, this is show business babes Not the first time that the words Taylor Swift cashgrab are found in the same sentence.
  19. That's the same artist currently milking her fans by rerecording her entire discography, just cause some sleazy manager bought her masters—
  20. I don't particularly care for this, but it's nice how Taylor actually feeds her fans with stuff.
  21. she has to open the show with White Dress
  22. I know it's a bit overdone at this point, but I haven't seen Lana live since 2017 and I've never seen her perform Cherry. I would very much like to see that.
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