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  1. Jorge Elbrecht wrote on his insta caption that the picture was taken at Capitol Records Studio B
  2. ok but which one was the original ugly cover she later changed?
  3. sophiesmom

    Melanie Martinez

    I guess its more of a taste thing — when i click on Evil I wanna listen to Evil, not Amulet + Evil. When i listen to Nymphology I wanna listen to Nymphology, and then Amulet is a nice addie thing in between tracks that make me wanna keep listening. the same with Moon Cycle, whose sound intro is actually at the end of the contorsionist. When you click on moon cycle, the song starts right away (which is “good” for locals and playlisting and whatever), but if you listen to moon cycle in the context of the album you get to experience these small but consistent transitions
  4. sophiesmom

    Melanie Martinez

    i dont care about locals tho, i care about my experience listening to the album and i can confirm my experience was definetly ✨enhanced✨ in fact I was thinking earlier about the interludes being actually included in songs and not marked as separate ones: while its not the most common choice, it definetly brings a different album experience, and it makes you wanna listen to the songs in full and enjoy those transitions instead of just… fading in and fading out and fading in and fading out. at the end the songs are not chopped up, just small transicional effects and ambiental sounds, and i dont think it actually gets in the way of the singles, for example
  5. sophiesmom

    Melanie Martinez

    why tho transitions are kinda the best thing, makes you wanna listen the album start to finish which is what you’re supposed to do. if you like to listen to songs on shuffle yeah i kinda get that its annoying to hear sounds, altough minimal, cut abruptly, but its not like the album its chopping songs in half (like the kelela one)
  6. grils and gays shes coming
  7. the level of delulu on lanaboards is truly astonishing .... how would sky even know the existence of this thread in a lana del rey forum... and why would she actively check this out... like if she wanted to lurk she would probably go to idk her page on reddit or maybe search for her name on twitter but c'mon
  8. UP FIRST IS #guardian (summer 2015)
  9. ok hear me out again….. downhill lullaby + dont forget + descending triple mv just came across an old video on her insta page where she promised (and shes using the word promise) the music video saying that its “on its way”
  10. ok hear me out: dont forget + descending double mv
  11. didnt sza release a deluxe 4years after the standard one before even dropping the new album? sky wouldnt dare
  12. why wont they give her a date and move on? like: ok sky you can release your song as a single on feb 13 and why wont she be like: ok
  13. im not saying she's a liar im just suggesting that she might be.... lil bit entitled and maybe just lazy from time to time as we all are?
  14. lmao we should ditch the "where's the album" remarks and go full "do you like bts" on her photos
  15. maybe she just needs to log back onto twitter and insult katy perry again
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