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  1. "on a scale from one to ten, how much do you wish you were dead right now?" Oh my god -_-
  2. 1. How did you discover Lana? When and What Era? -Well I was high one night while listening to pandora and Summertime Sadness came on. I quickly became enamored with the song so I had to look up other songs, the second song was Diet Mountain Dew and I loved it. But what really made me fall in love with her was when I saw the homemade music video she made for DMD and from there I discovered Hundred Dollar Bill, her singing Yayo, and ugh I just fell in love completely. This was maybe Feb 2013. 2. First song(s)? -Summertime Sadness, Diet Mountain Dew, Hundred Dollar Bill, Yayo, Radio 3.what did you think? -I thought she was just another pop artist with a cute voice and cute lyrics. I didn't anticipate me falling in love with her much less becoming obsessed with her lol 4. Your favourite song(s)? -Carmen, Hundred Dollar Bill, Radio, Off To The Races, Ride, and now Brooklyn Baby 5. Least favourite song(s)? - I would have to say it's Without You and Lucky Ones. *sigh* They kind of just suck. Sorry(not sorry). 6. What song(s) "grew" on you? -Almost all of them to be honest lol. At first I would say wow boring song... Wait why do I keep replaying them?! I'm a woman possessed. 7. Whats your favourite Lana era as of now? (May jailer, Lizzy Grant, Lana Del Rey) -I have to say I love them all, all her eras had something unique... But if I had to choose I guess it would be her Lana Del Rey era. 8. Favourite Album(s)? -Born To Die is perfection. With the exception of Lucky Ones and Without You. Let me reiterate lol 9. Least favourite(s) ? -Probably Sirens. I just can't seem to get into it. 10. Favourite song preformed live? -Ride for sure. 11. First song/Album purchased/Downloaded? -Born To Die 12. Favourite song quote/lyric? - *now my life is sweet like cinnamon *my pussy tastes like Pepsi cola *nothings more gorgeous than a hundred dollar bill (twenty of them wrapped up tight in silk)<3 *he doesn't mind I have a flat broke down life infact he says he thinks it what he might like about me *She laughs like god, her mind is like a diamond *All of Ride *gods dead I said baby that's alright with me Gosh there is too many
  3. Lana is so freaking adorable when she dances. Th parts where she was dancing and hugging with the daddy felt really touching for some reason lol
  4. It isn't horrible though... Right? lol
  5. I actually liked it cheesy flames and all... but then again, she could shit on my lap and I'd probably still think it was fantastic The video fits the song. It's just a really laid back song.
  6. Ugh so I tried and tried, for 50 minutes glued to screen, and nothing! I'm going to cry :'(
  7. Radio, definitely. Everything about it is so amazing when you're laying down alone while smoking. And Kill Kill is another good one.
  8. I'm so excited for the new album to come out. I think I'm annoying all my friends by constantly whining about how I can't wait anymore lol
  9. It's so hard for me to choose between all her songs. Carmen is an amazing song. It has such a dark feeling to it. I especially love when she sings " The boys, the girls, they all like Carmen". How can she make something so simple into something so beautiful? She has a talent for doing that. Dreamy, chill, and outer worldly. The song I first fell in love with was Summertime Sadness one night while laying in bed after a smoke... And I was smitten. I had to find out more about her. She just has this sweet voice. I also love Yayo and Radio.
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