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  1. I LOOVE the cover art its so different for lana
  2. Bae

    Boarding School

    I think this song sounds way better sped up
  3. Bae


    will all my demons greeting me as a friend (song, not album) be released? I need it.
  4. Bae

    Melanie Martinez

    yea get your coins wtf i would be so angry
  5. Bae


    i love her so much i cant wait for the album
  6. i actually love her look now. Bc its exactly like me i dont give a shit haha
  7. Bae

    Melanie Martinez

    can anyone update me on leaks?
  8. Oh I thought the lyric was can death be my baby boo? I like it that better... But I guess it wouldn't make sense with Salvatore you in front I haven't listened to the album yet. Idk how it will compare to BTD:P. Cause everytime I listen it sounds fresh that's whh I love those albums.
  9. I LOVE IT ahhh I haven't heard the rest of HM yet Ok, I seriously hear her say cacciatore, as in chicken cacciatore.
  10. I was so desperate for UV but for HM I'm chill. I'll listen to the leak I guess if it's out in HQ. Currently still boping to paradise
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