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  1. "send me a Hilton hotel or a cross on a hill " when u drive home u see a cross on a hill , its by the Hollywood bowl means ur almost home -these are so cute
  2. i literally logged in to talk about this lmfao idk but ive been looking all over to see if her makeup artist had mentioned anything at all about her lashes. but no nothing, theyre short with wise and thick, i think she may double them up sometimes the lash im particularly looking for is the one where she wore the white dress and white cardigan and shes looking down
  3. this is so annoying they r all gone lol :/
  4. im trying 2 get vegas tickets rn but its saying no tix are available rite now :/
  5. how do u get presale tickets thank u
  6. How do u know she's only showing in 2 cities? Sorry I didn't get the update and I'm confused
  7. I HATE U NEVER FORGIVE U ((((((((((( Jk I'm so sad :c
  8. i agree with you, if she really doesnt want to do it then she shouldnt. I hate hearing about her being upset it makes me so sad
  9. and thats why i didnt listen to any of the leaks im sucha good girl
  10. pussycat

    Lady Gaga

    I know everyone has said it but I literally cant wait for artpop! I have a feeling its gonna slay <3 and I love my blondie gaga but she looks great w the brown honestly shes just so teeny n cute she looks great w everything. My fave looks have been the minimalistic ones like the one in ny recently w the skater skirt n bra? I think it was , I loved it<3 I wasnt really into pop music before gaga like only beyonce, she really opened my mind to lots of things
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