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  1. Carcassone will forever be my favorite concert I've EVER been to. I've seen Lana 17 times so far! I've been very lucky. Follow my Insta account @lanatourlooks if you want to be updated with all the lana tour looks. I posted them chronologically.
  2. Is This Happiness? is a fine ass song. Definitely should've been up there. Lolita should be at the bottom of the list everyone. It's okay---- not amazing. When I listen to it I feel like a 12 year old .
  3. For fans of Lana I highly recommend the debut album of Miya Folick titled Premonitions. Listen to it here: Premonitions Full Album (YouTube)
  4. What Belongs to You by Garth Greenwell almost finished with it- really recommend
  5. Girl, you just added two more extra points to Chemtrails. tisk tisk...
  6. All I can say is I really want the MERCH for Rock Candy Sweet to be colorful and insane. I hope this album drives critics insane.
  7. White Dress: 25 Chemtrails Over The Country Club: 8 (-) Tulsa Jesus Freak: 20 Wild At Heart: 23 Dark But Just A Game: 21 Yosemite: 11 (+)
  8. 1. 13 Beaches- 12 2. 24- 10 3. American- 8 4. Art Deco- 12 5. Bartender- 11 6. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems- 9 7. Bel Air- 9
  9. do you think those totes are just like flimsy totes or like how we see them pictured there on the virtual shelves??
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