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  1. kik

    Instagram Updates

    "A man in a long white robe and a long beard", not sure if she's talking about a muslim man wearing a thobe or some cult leader, but whatever, let's thank the "universe" and not the guy himself lol what a clown... her stupidity has an energy of its own.
  2. She almost apologized for singing her two new songs because they are folk...
  3. kik

    Twitter Updates

    She's in her 30s
  4. https://youtu.be/WjdRXAvvLGc http://darlenedarling.com/
  5. She's uncomfortable in that outfit, that's why it's ugly. Because too much stuff from head to waist (big coiffe, big hair, big heart, big lace, that eyeball thing...). She looks afraid to poke one of her fake eyes with those knives. She's confused and unsure. The skirt is stiff, her posture is nothing special. A corset would have helped remembering her to stay tall and proud. I like some of these objects she wears, but not the look as a whole. Wondering if bones are still in those bird wings. Is this pigeon looking for its lost friend? Or is it waiting for annoying Leto to make distance from Lana so he can shit on his head?
  6. kik

    Milk & Bone

    They released an album a few weeks ago called Deception Bay. My favourite tracks: They are on tour now. Canada, USA and Europe. Tickets are cheap ($10-15), but the show is sold out in my city
  7. kik

    Get Free

    Depends where you come from. For me it means : - Luck - Feeling very close to someone - Lying (when you cross you fingers behind your back)
  8. Some people paid $35 for nosebleeds and got upgraded to a $120 floor ticket. Some got barricade and a selfie while others who queued all night long and paid $300 for Silver VIP got shit
  9. https://twitter.com/ultravdarling/status/963765612580298753
  10. Her bodyguard sticks to her like glue and there's many security agents at the venues.
  11. The guy is searching a meaning to his life, he's reaching deep. Too deep. He seems to have good intentions, but he's hella confused. He mentions wanting to team up with Lana to help children, he doesn't want to harm her, but probably the people who will get in "their" way. Hope he'll soon get help for himself, because........
  12. Security wouldn't have let him in because of the metal detectors. He's lost. Him and Lana are going to save the world at 2:34 https://www.facebook...11610776771838/
  13. Him and Lana are going to save the world at 2:34 https://www.facebook.com/The.TruthSeeker/videos/10211610776771838/
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