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  1. Oooh I see hahahaha thanks, I thought it was something related to the album title/new single anyways I'm joining
  2. Trying to keep up, I know there might be something coming tomorrow cause someone somewhere said it would, but where is the doll thing coming from?
  3. lmaooo Not you guys asking Elle to put a countdown banner As if we don't give enough work to the mods already. This forum
  4. I'm sorry I haven't been up to date but how do we know the snippet is called Arcadia?
  5. Chemtrails bb I'm sorry you're so underappreciated. Some of the tracks on this record feel very intimate and going through a break up, listening to it has been comforting. Especially NAWWAL.
  6. This album is not coming lmao not in less than two months at least, cause that would mean vinyls are being pressed, photoshoots already took place, etc etc and we know damn well that is not the case.
  7. I think we should cut her some slack, let the woman speak what's on her mind without trying to do a psychoanalysis on her. We really shouldn't be spending so much time on these controversies, it leads to nowhere. Let's just enjoy the music.
  8. So happy she decided to release the album this month. It's the last day of summer where I live and these songs go perfectly with this weather, leaves are yellow and falling but every now and then there's some warmer days Edit: also, BUS is fucking great
  9. Can we stop asking for daddy Rick to come back? That request is like the new 'i want a btd part 2' just saying
  10. No I don't Do you own a house?
  11. Idk I feel this album is great. I don't mind the length of the songs being super short. I've never been into her music but I really like this.
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