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  1. Let's be real - it is, but at least we finally got the song, so I won't be hard on her this time.
  2. I think it's a better idea to ask her about "Let Me Love You Like A Woman", since she revealed that's what's coming first. Asking her about the album too would be great too.
  3. Imagine not asking her about new music when you have a chance.
  4. This sounds so good. She teased 2 new songs today as well. We are probably getting that album sooner than we think.
  5. I'm really surprised how they sound so good together. It's a cute cover though. [link removed] mod note: user was warned for this post
  6. So White Hot Forever will be basically Norman Fucking Rockwell 2.0 https://vidoza.net/embed-zvifuuvquvyq.html
  7. That was probably a last minute change. I believe the single version is going to be on streaming services.
  8. Fuck It I Love you album version is a bit slower than single version.
  9. She's not saying: "Got cuts on his face 'cause he fought too hard" in How To Disappear. Now it's just: "Cuts on his face 'cause he fought too hard".
  10. The fact that we have the album in lossless quality and a couple of hours ago we were hoping for decent mp3 quality. Fucking finally.
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