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  1. Not my personal taste but the transition had me quite shocked I’d say. I very much loved the cinematic sounds and the orchestra and such. To this day, UV still isn’t one of my favorite albums. I’m more into classic ballads and soft strings. I used to slander the album but now I found peace with it.
  2. Arcadia/s gonna be the best song on Blue Banisters PERIOD
  3. The fact everyone has forgotten about Blue Banisters music video....
  4. Who needs a PR team with such a dedicated fanbase like us..
  5. Wild One


    Hey guys! I'm back with 2 new singles: "Take My Hand" and "I Love Myself". A commentary about those 2 tracks: "Take My Hand": A ballad talking about failed relationship. It talks about someone who tried his best to grab someone's attention and love but he never realized it was never love! What he felt towards him wasn't mutual so he felt neglected and unloved- wishing to be free and happy. "I Love Myself": This track is talking about the same guy. In this track he's full of anger, understanding that something's wrong. The chorus is written in an ironic way to grab his attention back. "I'm loving myself more than I love you" - is written ironically just to make him jealous of something as pity as this. He haven't gotten over this guy yet and that's why the music is dark. I'M CURRENTLY WORKING ON A DOUBLE ALBUM CALLED: "THE DARK SIDE OF LOVE" AND "FRAGILE". HOPE YOU'RE GONNA LIKE THE MUSIC AND WHAT'S TO COME! LOVE YOU GUYS AND STAY HEALTHY!
  6. I mean, people can also die due to bad economical situations.. (starvation / depression).. Speaking from personal experience. You (as a president) really need to pin-point when it's the best time to bring back the economy again and in the best way possible. You can't quarantine people until a vaccine is made / the virus is eradicated. Sending everyone a blessing! Stay safe, healthy and happy! <3
  7. Producing, writing and composing music. what is your favorite food?
  8. Wild One

    Tove Lo

    To think I was supposed to be at her concert in Berlin tomorrow
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