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  1. wildstar

    Cruel Youth

    We better get the damn album after that payout
  2. wildstar

    Natalia Kills

    Hi! sorry! I think this should work. @COCC @lanaismamom @TheLittleMonster https://mega.nz/folder/esMl0DYK#3u821seOUH75FOB8_Ziyg
  3. wildstar

    Ryn Weaver

    Omg those titles sound so interesting! We need the damn album!
  4. Whats wrong with Charlie?
  5. Omg she's taking it Sky if you're reading all this everyone will forgive you if you just release Masochism
  6. All My Lovers Die sounds immaculate ugh I really really really hope it's actually coming out
  7. WE LOST OMFG I NEED TO HEAR VOICES CARRY LIVE and those new titles oh my godddd
  8. wildstar

    Charli XCX

    Holy **** Hot In It is so good this is hit material fr like I need this dropped now!
  9. Don't Forget is amazing y'all just forgot what good music sounds like cause you haven't heard good music in almost 10 years Also that pitchfork article is clearly just bait lmao they knew they would get all the attention by bad mouthing a HIGHLY anticipated song every other critic is loving. (and it worked cause that article is probably getting tons of clicks/views)
  10. THIS IS SOOO GOOD!! I'm so glad I didn't listen to the leak ahh this is just amazing the production, the lyrics, her mature voice yeah it's perfect. I still adore Downhill Lullaby as well lol so when Masochism is finally coming it's gonna be the album of the century for sure. also those pics.. I can't she's just too gorgeous
  12. How is this still not announced
  13. I’m seeing her on Thursday and I’m so excited!
  14. Can y’all use spoilers or sumn
  15. The single is def coming it has to lmao but yeah it's the album thing I'm fearing too
  16. Be careful to not ask for links of upcoming material
  17. Lmao if that was really the reason they are actually st*pid cause artists HATE when that happens.. look at Charli, Dua, ect.. and Sky is literally next level when it comes to not releasing and scrapping so I'm like legit scared They really couldn't wait a little longer..
  18. They need to release NOW this can have such a big impact.. her super anticipated lead single LE*KED and we still have no release date in sight
  19. OMG NOOOOOOOO I'm gonna pray this doesn't f*ck up anything omg omg omg I can't even listen I'm so sad it leaked
  20. A month ago we really thought we were about to get FED
  21. Well.. then she needs to announce it and release on Wednesday or whatever day songs get released
  22. Istg.. if she doesn't release that song tomorrow
  23. Right lol. They have just been acting like those fake "insiders" lately. I doubt Sky is telling them anything cause then they would either tell us or don't say anything at all.. I wouldn't take their word for everything.
  24. wildstar

    Cruel Youth

    Ohh! I still have those files. I will re-uploud them in a second!
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