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  1. fraises

    Sufjan Stevens

    One of my top five songs ever. I can't wait for his new album. I'm so psyched for the new song... Soon.
  2. If she can't remember the lyrics or gets tripped up on them, she should consider a teleprompter. Take a queue from Matt Berninger of the National - he uses one and their concerts are incredible, and different every night. There's a lot more spontaneity and he definitely seems more comfortable on stage.
  3. I haven't watched the video yet but The National??? My favourite Sad Dads??? They're one of the best live bands currently touring, if anyone has a chance to see them go for it!
  4. Damn. I'm glad it sounds like there were no life threatening injuries. We're staying in a hotel like 4 blocks away from there next week.
  5. fraises


    "your problem with commitment's the bane of my existence"
  6. fraises

    FKA twigs

    Ahh I love this. I've been dying to hear this ever since that clip on Instagram from soundtrack 7.
  7. fraises


    I got into CocoRosie because I looooove Antony Hegarty and she sings on a few of their songs. I think Grey Oceans is one of my favourite albums, but I listened to it (and the Coconuts, Plenty of Junk Food EP ) a lot this summer while my mom was dying so it's a bit of a touchy album for me these days.
  8. fraises


    I hear "pink floral lei" which goes along with the whole Hawaii thing.
  9. fraises

    FKA twigs

    I've bought LP1 on vinyl twice (the first copy, the record sleeve fell on top of it and left weird blue marks all over it) and haven't had that issue! Edited because my bf just informed me that our record player is Really Good and maybe that's why it plays better. Lol.
  10. I love Grimes so I was already excited to see her but I thought she was great at the DTE Energy show! I could imagine it would be hard to hear the vocals and if you were expecting to see like...a singer it could be disappointing but damn i was happy to see her play!
  11. I was kind of regretting getting tickets for the Detroit show but damn i'm glad i did!!
  12. lol this isn't very good. LDRO says it was filmed in italy? I wonder if that italian guy filmed it. I can't even imagine that conversation. "Hey baby i know we just met but can you film me looking depressed and sad in a wedding dress? k thanks"
  13. I want to know more about the cat tbh. I like the picture of her in her bathing suit but her hair looks so wrecked!
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