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  1. She would never, but can you imagine the slayage that it would be? The power that that has...
  2. #GetWellSoonCoccboards [image removed] mod note: user was warned for this post
  3. So the farm video wasn't for Lana... Interesting
  5. She forgot to post the incest kiss picture
  6. So if Bruce and Jack teamed up, I'm guessing it's more than confirmed Lana has a feature with him (although, not sure if for COCC anymore)
  7. Her For Free collab and the live one with Julia Jacklin > her male collabs
  8. I don't like Nikki, something about her seems off to me, but I'd rather have her or any other female singer in the album than another musty male collab (except for Father John Misty, Jesse Rutherford or Alex Turner)
  9. It's okay, you can delete your account now... Just do it, just do it, don't wait xx
  10. "Lana Del Rey, detached from reality, announces new single on cult leader's birthday"
  11. What if the reason she didn't release COCC, is because she's reworking it with another producer?
  12. She sounds AMAZING! I really hope the next albums feature these kind of vocals
  13. A leak is always a possibility, people had LMLYLAW months prior its release, and even a snippet leaked weeks before as well... Not saying I hope it does, but... I hope this doesn't happen, the era is already dead
  14. I'd die if Lana released an album on that date, it would be such a great birthday present
  15. Remember when Google Play leaked The Greatest? When is another music store gonna do the same with COCC title track?
  16. Lana is never accurate when describing her albums... unless she scrapped TJF... RBFY all over again
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