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  1. Shanice Jones

    Charli XCX

    So.... are we getting another XCXMAS?
  2. Do we know if someone has When You Take Away Control?
  3. Can someone link me to Scab & Plaster, please?
  4. when are we getting 'Anarchy'?
  5. Is this an outtake from Magdalene or smth?
  6. Shanice Jones


    Hey guys, I want to get into Shygirl's music Which songs do you recommend me?
  7. Maybe she'll release the album in digital and then the vinyls, just like Miley, Taylor, Dua, etc. I mean, Warner was sending copies of the album to some people, if the release date is after March 12th, it might get leaked
  8. 5 minuets left ladieeeeessss
  9. Am I the only one who listened to the cut version?
  10. yaassssss latina queen
  11. Is the song dropping at midnight or coming with the video?
  12. Ladies, what do you think? Is she giving us the release date?
  13. Man’s World is soooooo good, one of my faves
  14. If she follows a similar itinerary, like the one from L+F, maybe she'll announce it on the 27th.
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