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  1. You act as if that would be an impossible behaviour during a pandemic lol. Just because fans behave like brainless farts, that does not mean she has to play along. She would have every right to reject people whose brains stop to work when they enter stan-mode. And the fact she does not do that is not a sign of her being cute towards her fans, but a sign of her not taking the pandemic serious.
  2. I mean, it's a question of personal preferance but I think LMLYLAW is really one of her weakest compositions, something noone will care for on the long run. CoCc is catchy, but it's not really a breathtaking melody either. While I really enjoy minimalistic productions, I feel like Jack does not do them very good. HM was very minimalistic aswell, yet there was so much going on in the background of the tracks, so many decent little details. Jacks minimalism is either overly simplistic , with him playing the same 3 chords on a dull-sounding instdument, or it's resulting in a muddy instrumental, where a lot of the instruments get lost in the mix. I'm excited for CoCc, don't get me wrong, but so far I personally doubt that it will be THE highlight of her career.
  3. Which just proves my point that taking selfies with dozens of strangers is dangerous
  4. ... which means nothing. It's still a danger for herself and others
  5. Lana wore a mesh mask and attended multiple private parties during the pandemic. She hosted a fan-meeting for her poetry book and regularly takes off her mask when she does selfies with random fans. She drives around like a stupid 16yo. Let's better not address her qualities in terms of responsibility.
  6. FKA Twigs. Not catchy or alt-pop ish enough to vibe to her stuf, yet it's not the kind of artistic music I'd enjoy listening to on a big scale. St. Vincent. Everyone talks about how she's such a genius and everything, however I think her music is quite ... bland. Some of it sounds pretty generic, other parts are kind of "faux-alternative" and others are just simply annoying.
  7. I feel like we should not get too crazy about CoCC being the highlight of her career. I don't mean that in a negative way, but not everything has to be a superlative, even though fanculture always tends to talk about how the new single is their FAVORITE song from her and how they feel like her next project will be her BEST one yet. I think CoCC will be a very pleasant project, a more subtle and moody sister to NFR!. Something she probably intended to do with LFL before she decided to mess that album up big time. But right now, it does not seem like it will be the hottest spot of her discography. It seems to be very stripped down, the mood of it is supposedly quite somber and Lana herself would have wanted to work on it more if it would not have been for the pandemic. So yeah, I expect a treat, but I don't feel like it will overshadow UV or HM in any way.
  8. On the other hand, some people take every lyric for face-value and think that all of those things actually happened the exact wqy she puts them lol
  9. The LMLYLAW one and the NFR/Bartender/HIAB-trilogy stained the reputation of her homemade stuff so much ...
  10. Well, I guess it's too late to still make this prerelease interesting anyway ...
  11. Noone wants her to talk. We just want some promo as in singles, videos, album trailers ... This era was so dry, yet it gave us more than enough "seperate the art amd the artist"-material already, we need some actual art now
  12. If CoCc will by anything like its prerealease ... unnecessary controversy, disappointment and boredom. Yay
  13. Yeah, one week prior to the release, after almost two months of nothing ...
  14. She won't delay it, inagine the logistic problems with re-scheduling the shipping for like 87 variats of the album. That would only lead to it being leaked through an early delivery anyway. She just decided it would be kewl and mysterious to be a total bore for this era, after already lying to us twice. That album better be good, I don't even want another pre-release era for quite some time after this sleep-inducing wait is finally over.
  15. She's really doing the most to keept the buzz about this album at -300 .... If she's just planning to suck us dry for another week, she might just aswell drop the album now.
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