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  1. Mazzy Star is a band that defined a genre though.
  2. Yosemite - Candle In The Wind, Part 1 Mariners Appartment Complex - Candle In The Wind, Part 2 Tulsa Jesus Freak - Candle In The Wind, Part 3
  3. Not y'all whining about piano ballads and then slandering the masterpiece that is Cherry. Disgusting!
  4. 01. Honeymoon 02. Music To Watch Boys To 03. Cola 04. Cherry 05. West Coast 06. National Anthem 07. Pretty When You Cry 08. Money Power Glory 09. California 10. Salvatore 11. the greatest 12. Bartender 13. Tomorrow Never Came 14. Heroin 15. Change 16. Flipside
  5. CoCC´and NFR leaked in pretty good CD quality though so I don't really get the melodramatic meltdown hun
  6. I mean for Lanas sake I hope it does not leak (even though my impatient ass would instantly listen to it) but I can't with this "hear it the way it's MEANT to be heard" argument. Seriously, release dates are picked by the label according to marketing strategies, avoiding other big releases and production and preperation schedules. It's not that deep and I doubt that Lana cares whether someone hears the album on October 8th or 22nd for any other reason than not wanting people to listen to it without her getting cash.
  7. where did you read that? Well - inviting someone to lie down with her? The Cola/Freak/Cherry/TJF of this album perhaps?
  8. I think there were some intentional undertones about homosexuality - the whole trope of hiding who you are, being accepted the way you are and then that scene wehre Luca is leaving and his parents agree that he might now always have an easy live because of the way he is but that they love him and wish him the best. However, I think that it's possible to see the movie and not take in any of this as an allude to a gay coming-out. And then again, both Alberto and Luca are still very much kids ...
  9. I know it totally fits with the choir and everything, but Thunder always gave me some desert-y vibes
  10. Looking at how she signed off and how things went with CoCC I really doubt that
  11. It's such a hussle - I have to really do a lot of work on my thesis until then, so on the one hand I'm terrified of time passing yet at the same time I can't f*cking wait! Really? I feel like it has this huge "end-of-summer" vibe to it. Like some sort of contrast between the darkness of the songs and some last moments of heat. Especially Text Book, the Interlude and Thunder give off that vibe
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