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  1. I swear to god if I see any members from the purity-ring club talking about how they listened to Light Colored Clothing I WILL cancel them
  2. If fun is repeating "OhAhmGee it's cumin in 15 minutes" each hour than the "people" have some bigger underlyong problems imo
  3. You all are really annoying today. What's the point on being on a discussion board if you are not going to read what other people write but just reproduce the same boring "OMG COWNTDOWN 10 MINUTOS OMGEEZ OH NOES NOTHING HAPPENED ITZ OVA!"-spam for the 101 time this era. We only have one possible "countown", which is 19,5 hours from now. That's what it said on the database. If nothing happens then "it's over" but please stop with those old games.
  5. It's either coming in 21 hours or the release plan has been changed. But stop the 30081919 countowns you clowns
  6. I mean, everyone is condescendingly brabbling about how NFR was so "easily likeable", "un-controversial" and "appeasing the critics" but so far al lthe lyrics we heard for CoCC are super tame LOL. The only ~wild~ thing she did so far is behaving weird on social media, chosing a piece of trash for the album art and wearing a mesh mask during a pandemic, and none of this is iconic in any way.
  7. The song playing in the background while we all still get our delusional hopes for a WD-release up:
  8. Realtalk, I'm gonna be quite sad if nothing comes out lol. Even though I know we have 0 official announcements so far and that the only source is this website (which could likely still have data about a rescheduled release-plan). But right now, everything feels so dull and hopeless in the "real world" and a new, exciting Lana-track (especially with all the information and hints we ha about it so far) would do a lot. Escapism ftw
  9. Miss @Eclipse is the OG attention seeker but can we not attack him just cause Lana and her team are a big bore? Some days y'all are literally crawling into his private parts and make a fool out of urselves with acronyms and stuff but now you hate the poor sis because Miss Rey is high on matcha again and forgot to post about WD? That's unfair as f*ck
  10. London Grammar's new album sounds really promising. The single seem like it will have a perfect balance of both the melodramatic vocals and a sonewhat ambient altpop-vibe. Their last album was really nice but it was a bit to ~heavy with each song Being so dramatic and stripped down.
  11. You know ... if you don't want to spoil yourself ... don't listen. Don't read this thread. Simple as that All this negative chastity-belt-purity-ring-energy is really getting annoying.
  12. The snippet we heard is the only "upbeat" part of it and after that it's just Jack playing the only 2 chords he knows on a muted piano, which will be the perfect transition to LMBYLAW
  13. Tulsa Jesus Freak will be the Starstrukk of her career. Nice legs, bible hymn makes a freak go Oooh ooOoh That's the way they stay with Jeez like oooH Oooh oooOH OHhhh I think you should now How To find you way back to my bed again Sell me like a can of gin
  14. If nothing's released this friday I blame it on the chastity-belt-fraction in this thread.
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