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  1. I'll never get why people say that TJF is"thrown together" or "incohesive". I think that it actually has a pretty consistent sonical soundscape and the lyricism/topics also tie together pretty well. Not everything has to be a concept album to be coherent. Ok,let's play the game: TJF: Mowgli's Road, Oh No!, Shampain ties with The Outsider EH: Teen Idle, Lies, Living Dead FROOT: I'm A Ruin, Froot, Better ThanThat L+F: Karma, Superstar, Baby (the fact this atrocious collab is in my top three says a lot about that album)
  2. Crown Jewels is another metaphor for balls in certain languages 🤭
  3. Marina's social media posts tend to be cringy. Nothign terrible about it, but it kind of reflects someof her kitschy sjw-lyrics. Case closed. Not really worth fighting over it for the sake of it.
  4. Thunder Corpse

    London Grammar

    It's pretty good, not sure whether I think it's an improvement compared to their previous two albums though. They actually make the pop-ish production work without sounding washed down, but I feel like most songs on TIABT and IYW were crafted with much more cleverness. The ballads of CS don't have the gravity of the predecessors and the more upbeat songs are all very straightforward. But enough of the criticism - the overall vibe of the album is really nice, I like how it always skips between a light and a dark atmosphere, never really dipping it's toes in either. In that way, the album cover is extremely fitting. I love how catchy and breezy "Lose Your Head" is. The title track is such a mood, I love how they kind of incorporate a lot of the common alt-pop sounds and yet make it sound unique and kind of desert-ish. "America" is the best ballad on the album in my opinion and I still hear a bit of Lana on it. My favourite non-single-track is probably "I Need The Night". It has the grandeur of songs like "Leave The War With Me" and perfectly picks up the sonic sphere of the title track (which I wish more of the songs would do). Apart from that I really fancy the angry energy of "Lord It's A Feeling". The only track I dislike is the intro. It's not really doing anything for the album, it's not creating a mood or suspense or whatever and I think that it sounds pretty goofy aswell. So in conclusion I think that this album - like all London Grammar albums - will be a grower. I could see myself really feeling it in the future, but right now I don't think that it has the potential the first two records have. still going to replay the shit out of it though
  5. Thunder Corpse

    London Grammar

    I'm so excited for this
  6. It's nothing "problematic" as far as I remember. But her takes on mental health, anti-capitalism etc. tend to be worde in such a dramatic way that are located somewhere between "woke rich white macha mom" and "pretentious 14yo tumblr teen". It's not the essence of her messages, it's the "I'm so holy and wise" way they tend to come off. Absolutely! I love the visuals and I really love how there are peaks of her previous works in all of this.
  7. Her social media posts tend to be highly embarassing though But whatever, I'm really hyped for this release. She'll serve some interesting, quirky pop music again after all that washed down bs from L+F. I LOVE the album cover, it's giving me a "FROOT meets StarTrek"-vibe haha. Purge The Poison is a grower, although I think that Men's World is superior. Super excited to hear Pandora's Box and Venus Flytrap. I actually ordered the Flytrap-green cassette -it's the first time I EVER ordered a cassette (cause they are pretty useless) but this album's visuals and sound go along so well with it
  8. The prices are all pretty fair. Lana charges at least 50$ for low-quality merch made by underpaid child workers in china.
  9. We have heard 2 and had snippets of 3 of them - assuming Pink Convertible & Happy Loner have not been renamed. But yeah, I'm not mad about this, I prefer a good short album over a trash "double-album"
  10. Not feeling Purge The Poison, but I really like the visuals and Men's World, the snippets to Flower, Highly Emotional People and Venus Fly Trap sound promising aswell.
  11. Haha yeah, I saw it the second after I posted haha Kind of sad that Happy Loneris not on it, but I'm super excited about Venus Flytrap. And I LOVE the album cover
  12. I really hope we'll get the tracklist, so we can see which of the snippets made it. Venus Flytrap, Happy Loner and Cosmos/ Highly Emotional People snippets sounded extremely promising, so I feel like this could be her return to glory.
  13. Thunder Corpse

    London Grammar

    I WISH Lona would handle postponing like this though - instant communication about delays with specific dates, a pre-order, official tracklist and cover, music videos, singles, performances ...
  14. For me, CoCc is pretty similar to LFL in a way that there are some standouts I keep coming back for but the album as a whole is pretty forgetable. While LFL had much lower lows and was stitched together, cohesion-lacking mess it also had much higher highs. CoCc on the other hand flows more organically, yet even the best songs on it aren't really very exciting. Especially compared to more or less any song on UV, HM and NFR
  15. I like the mood of it, I like how it sounds much more like the Marina from TJF/ FROOT again, but the snippets I heard all seem so ... noisy.
  16. If all of her covers will be "selphies" now, can she at least use the timer and flip them? I'm tired of seeing her holding the phone
  17. "Soon" The WD teasers were posted over a month prior to the song/video release
  18. Your whole PC America plot is so boring. The lengths you are willing to go in order to justify body-shaming
  19. First you slander Mermaid Motel & the greatest, now you're bringing religion to the table?
  20. You know I'm a big fan of your posts here but you should probably take some time off hun xx
  21. Thunder Corpse

    London Grammar

    New song "America" is out today and somethinh about it SCREAMS Lana. So excited for the new album
  22. The thing is - that quote was sounding exactly like an old lady or a teenager trying to sound sexually active. It was such an unprovoked "hihi I'm having sex hihi And I'm SO BOLD about it"-answer, I physically cringed when I read it. I'm all here for explicit tracks but not if this is the energy she's going for.
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