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  1. The electric guitar elevates SO MANY DAMN SONGS that I will never understand for the life of me why Lana doesn't use it on her albums much anymore.
  2. I've been listening to Portals nonstop, even more than Ocean Blvd tbh. It's addictive. Sometimes the abuse of vocal effects is annoying, but overall the album is great. Evil and The Contortionist are such anti-people pleasing anthems. She really surprised me. I had lost interest years ago and was tired of the adult baby shtick, so I'm glad she reinvented herself. It worked.
  3. There is something otherworldly about this song and the places it takes me.
  4. It's almost devastating how great it is. I--
  5. Super thrilled to read a REAL interview with her, not some Q&A with a fellow artist. This was very enlightening.
  6. I've only listened a couple of times...it's good background music for vibes but the songs blend into each other and idk. I like it but it's lacking something? The singles are good, though.
  7. Ok I take it all back. I ate my gf out to this song and it clicked for me. Haters need to have sex.
  8. It's interesting and experimental which is a relief after the last 2 albums. But I dunno if I actually....enjoy it as a song that I would want to listen to over and over again. It feels like it is building to something and then doesn't really deliver on it.
  9. OK I got around it. I ordered light pink from the UK Amazon!! Right after I panic ordered dark pink lol so I'm getting both
  10. Anyone else unable to buy the Amazon one? It says "Currently unavailable."
  11. strange weather

    Charli XCX

    I'm more of a casual Charli fan--big fan of "True Romance" when it came out but only paid attention to "Sucker" and a few songs here and there after (like "Vroom Vroom," my fav!). She got me interested again with this release, especially since I am a huge fan of Christine & the Queens and Caroline Polachek. (RIP the SNL performance that could have been.) My favorite song is definitely "Yuck." Wish it had been a single. I also like "Twice" and the title track. "Baby" has grown on me. Not into the slower songs at all.
  12. I just realized I had never heard "Hey You" nor have I heard mentions of it so I'm voting for that! I love it! Also: Is It Wrong? Midnite Dancer Girlfriend Break My Fall You & Me You're Gonna Love Me Fordham Road
  13. Any idea of a release date for the album?? I'm dying out here waiting.
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