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  1. True, but in a completely different context. This is the first time in her released music that she's clued us in on the troubled relationship she has with her mom.
  2. So...the songs are amazing, but I can't help but feeling "off" about the album because of the reused leaked songs. If I view the album as more of a compilation of b-sides with some new stuff, it's easier for me to appreciate it without feeling slightly disappointed. I have to say, I never liked the leaked version of "Thunder" much so I think she did a great job changing it up on the album. I'm still in love with BB (the song) and WW. I love BBS because it's so current and personal to her life right now. I guess that's also what is getting to me--what are the old songs telling us about Lana today? I don't know. Hm. My biggest issue: the quality. I tried playing it loud on good speakers and it sounds like crap. I guess this is more of a headphones album, but still.
  3. gorgeous & atmospheric. i love this song so much. just wish there were more clips of her singing along...that would have made it perfect.
  4. I like the video and the ending was cool but the song itself is so painfully boring. I'm sorry. So, so lackluster.
  5. All I want from this album is to be surprised in some way by something new from her. She is capable of being so versatile and I miss it.
  6. I am fucking sick of her wishing everyone and their mom a happy birthday, but I really, really like her cousin's paintings!
  7. I wouldn't be half the fan I am today without her unreleased songs, but ok.
  8. Been listening to a lot of Froot lately. It's the only one of her albums that still holds up for me, as I think I burned myself out permanently on the first two. It's just peak Marina. The new album is only half good to me, but the songs I do listen to are great: The title track is fun and feels very "old Marina." Could have had a cool music video. VFT should have been the lead single. Pandora's Box had to grow on me but I think it's one of her best now, which I see is not a widely shared opinion. I can't relate to the subject matter of the breakup songs but they get me in my feelings anyway! I already made a post about ILYBILMM but it's one of my favorite Marina songs ever. I want more guitar-driven Marina tracks. Flowers is pretty but on the long side.
  9. I'm actually in shock. The album cover is....good? Amazing? WHAT? I absolutely hated the last 2 covers so even though we didn't get a date, I'm happy
  10. I have complicated feelings about the album as a whole--but I'm obsessed with ILYBILMM! The wailing guitar is mesmerizing. I wish she would have released it as a single instead of either of the 1st two. I feel like I don't see much hype for it and it deserves way more.
  11. ew, sorry, but Thunder? Really? I never got the hype and I don't want a song I already have
  12. Why the hell does she keep doing this to us? Why doesn't she learn to shut her mouth until she has an official date? I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT.
  13. Fuck yes. I hadn't listened to "Cola" in forever but I did today and goddamn, what a serve. She would never write provocative lyrics like that these days. I hope she stops self-censoring. People are going to hate no matter what she does.
  14. Definitely my favorite single this era, seeing as I hated the other ones! This really should have been the first one, imo. It felt like it went by in a blink of an eye, though. I actually love the millionairess line. She's right--she truly did it her own way and she should be proud of that.
  15. I'm frustrated because I am liking the sound of this album but I'm sick of being preached at by Marina. Lemme get to the non-political songs...
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