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  1. strange weather liked a post in a topic by one time beauty queen in Harpers Bazaar (Collier Schorr) - October 23rd, 2023   
    all stunning duh but  this one is just on another level for me,,,, literally printing it for my wall today lol <3
  2. Embach liked a post in a topic by strange weather in Lana for Harper's Bazaar December/January 2024 Art Issue   
    Is there a link to order it anywhere?? I'm dying for this and I have missed out on her last few covers!
  3. strange weather liked a post in a topic by Psychedelic Pussy in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    I was listening to Stargirl last night and whewwww… if she ever brought out an album with that kind of sound she would literally have the entire world in a chokehold… the vocal effects  it’s just superb. No country twang nikki lane shit please!
  4. strange weather liked a post in a topic by Psychedelic Pussy in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    Yep. Don’t get me wrong, he’s capable of the occasional banger that really NAILS Lana’s sound (Peppers, A&W, FIILY, TG, DBJAG etc) but for the most part his stuff is getting boring. I think it’s a Lana issue though, she’s leaning more towards stripped back / piano stuff which is hard to make it sound really lovely and lush.
    i would actually do anything for her to work with Auerbach again. I really do not have any hope left in me anymore that she could ever make another album with such a cohesive, beautiful, all around gorgeous sound, lyricism, production, vocals- everything. But that’s the dream
  5. strange weather liked a post in a topic by williamprb in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    Please can Lana put the piano down for ldr10 sry but I miss uv-nfr sound
  6. strange weather liked a post in a topic by Embach in New Song “Suburban House” by Holly Macve feat. LDR - Out Now!   
    It was a cute moment song. Kinda boring not gonna lie. But definitely not a bad song. Also a cute friendship moment for both. Holly's vocals kinda reminded me of Lana's old vocals, also the vocals in Wildflower, her vocals also reminded me of Stevie Nicks. The song kinda reminded me of Beautiful People Beautiful Problems and Snow On The Beach, but like less powerful but more quieter and cozier.
  7. strange weather liked a post in a topic by Psychedelic Pussy in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    I dreamed she gave us a psychedelic trip hop masterpiece song that was 7 minutes long and she was wailing and scatting and there was so much reverb and the music video switched between black and white and these luscious pink-purple-teal-orange trippy shots.
    i didn’t actually dream it but im manifesting it 
  8. strange weather liked a post in a topic by daylight nightmare in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    i want her to showing i'm so random personality in terms of sound and lyrics. chaotic, unhinged, many switches up, transitions, random moments, quirky vibe, absurdal funny lyrics. album like that would be iconic. 
  9. strange weather liked a post in a topic by LanaBalkana in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    Two more manifestations from me:
    - vocal experimentation - she has an impressive range and is quite a masterful vocalist when in the comfort of the studio. She should allow herself to be crazier
    - a song a la twin peaks
  10. strange weather liked a post in a topic by Sportscruiser in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    Honestly, I wouldn’t hate this if it had a Lizzy Grant twist. Make it creepy, complex, mysterious too.
  11. strange weather liked a post in a topic by Poor Stacy in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    So I know Lana's not into power moves, and I know this is going to be mega unpopular (lolz) but I swear... if she did a country-leaning album and collabed w/ Zach Bryan (preferred) or Morgan Wallen, I'm fairly certain she would take over the entire world. Let The Light In is a preview to that kind of vibe. I'm thinking like ... summer nights, bonfires, acoustic + electric guitars with a bit of orchestra, county fair, small town diner, romance, cotton candy, drive-in movies aesthetic. Just like...... wistful, romantic, Americana sound with a few male backup singers harmonizing with her. Country's truly having a moment and I just know Lana is capable of delivering a masterpiece in that vein. Like a cute, streamlined 10-12 track album. If anyone can merge the gays and middle America, it's Elizabeth...
    Sonic references: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05
    Those who get it, get it... 
  12. strange weather liked a post in a topic by GeminiLanaFan in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    To me, it would be Buddy’s Rendezvous, title track to Ocean Blvd and Venice Bitch or FIILY (she shines in electric guitar songs)
  13. strange weather liked a post in a topic by ShadesOfViolence in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    spill, shades of cool is a fucking masterpiece my mind blows every time when i listen to it. And it's THE song that made me a fan of her
  14. strange weather liked a post in a topic by bluedealer in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    I know that it's just unrealistic at this point of her life but tbh I would also love some Pin Up Galore/Trash Magic/Dealer type of album. It would end up too dark but anyways gimme that sad stripper vibes
  15. strange weather liked a post in a topic by Red Dress in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    I want her to re-embrace her sultry vixen side, now that she's gone through the cathartic, vulnerable stuff. Obviously I'm not expecting her to return to her younger style (she's older and more mature like the rest of us) but I want some kind of voluptuous, sexy vibe. Like sonically I'm after some 'Million Dollar Man' and 'Your Girl'' 'Gods & Monsters' 'Hollywood's Dead' 'Terrence Loves You' 'Yayo' kind of sounds, with stuff like 'Thunder' 'Dealer' and 'Wait For Life'. Bring Back Emile for the big sound production, with some 'Is This Happiness', 'Heroin', 'Beautiful Player',  'Black Beauty', 'Shades Of cool' 'JFK' 'Buddy's Rendezvous'' and '13 Beaches' type of tracks in there for slower dramatic dreaminess. 
    I was also obsessively listening to 'Playing Dangerous' recently and the way she had sampled some old 60's girl band stuff reminded me of a couple of the songs on Adele's last album. I love that retro groove (and it could possibly help to get her a 'chart-worthy song that appeals to the masses), so some stuff like that, maybe channelling some Dusty Springfield drama. (This sort of thing could really work with a bit of Mark Ronson magic)
    Being in Alabama though I think we are going to see some country vibe, and I really hope that if she does, she takes it in the direction of Amanda Shires (her recent album 'Take It Like A Man' has a few tracks on there that would suit Lana's voice. (Everyone should listen to that album, as well as Shires's 'Down Came The Doves album; trust me, you'll love them both)  And if she could get on board with some dramatic country 'Murder Ballads' she would absolutely "kill" it.
    (If she's thinking of incorporating some southern state, working class vibe and references anything do with waitressing in restaurants, I'd LOVE her to shake it up with some dreamy, 'Twin Peaks' sounds and iconography. She could really shine in that vein)
    (Just please don't work with, or even mention Nikki fricking Lane again please. That chick is drab AF) 
    If I were to get my absolute perfect album it would be Lana collaborating with Nick Cave for some dark, haunting and brooding, American Gothic inspired murder ballads and dramatic
    storytelling, with some of it potentially set amid a beautiful, crumbling, antebellum mansion. I would die a very happy woman if that combo ever came together! 
    I'm also so over trying to shoehorn political crap and clumsy, out of place tokenism, into music. Stop trying to prove to the crazy far leftists that you're not a racist, homophobe or whatever the insult du jour happens to be. Fuck what anyone thinks or says if you just happen to make an album without a bunch of other women and non-white people in it, that's perfectly fine. I'm not saying to avoid working with people of any stripe based on their identity. I just want things to be organically complimentary to the themes and musicality of the songs. You can never appease the mad people. Just focus on making the best music you possibly can with the best people for the job. (which incidentally precludes Nikki Lane from even being allowed to set foot in the studio, lol!
    I want dark, sexy, seductress Lana, embracing her femininity, but with that dramatic vixen vibe she owns so well.
    Jazzy, dark and sexy. Bring sexy back Lana!
    (And if 'Children Of The Bad Revolution' or 'Catch and Release' could be reworked to modernise them in a way that made them still relevant, would be awesome. But I obviously have  tendency to want and hope for the absolute impossible. But she really does have to work with Nick Cave at some point. They would be perfect together. Someone needs to make it happen!)
  16. strange weather liked a post in a topic by barttttender in Lana to be featured on 'Life Lesson' from Jon Batiste's new album - Out Now   
    I just want something more upbeat after a slow record and even slower Rob Grant collabs.
    But being that it's the last song on the record, it'll probably be another piano ballad (yawn heard in space).
  17. strange weather liked a post in a topic by emliqua in Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza - August 6th, 2023   
    This is her best look yet. So so so beautiful. 
    and honestly she can do whatever with the set list next week at outside lands as long as she keeps hope  it’s my all time favorite song from her maybe from anyone ever lol I would die to see it live. But her set list next week is only 1 hour 15 minutes so we’ll see  
    anyway fabulous night so glad Elle got to see hope live💙
  18. strange weather liked a post in a topic by AtomicMess in MARINA (and The Diamonds)   
    Let me clarify with a big fat *TO ME*,  the whole era just gave like, "Okay I'm done with this now [throws away the stage personas, outfits, colors, bright shit, anything fun]. We're a matured woman now, with matured woman feelings and matured woman emotions okay? We're MATURE."

    I get the whole dropping of "and the diamonds" thing or whatever in the quest for artistic vision and self branding, but it just feels like the L+F era dropped a certain chunk of her personality and presence as well and that void leaves a taste in folks' mouths when they look at it.
  19. strange weather liked a post in a topic by The Stargirl Pinky in Newport, RI @ Newport Folk Fest - July 30th, 2023   
    I’m here I’m here!!! Imagine the Chemtrails, Narwhal, Yosemite run done live
  20. strange weather liked a post in a topic by honeymooncd in Lana recording at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Sheffield, AL - July 21st-23rd, 2023   
    IDK if she still has ballads on the album, I just want a new sound. PLEASE LANA!!
  21. strange weather liked a post in a topic by ivory almond in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    shes gotta belt on this album plssss
  22. strange weather liked a post in a topic by Ocean Boulevard in LDR10 - Pre-Pre-Release Thread   
    Speaking of guitar,  Margaret has that one guitar riff in the chorus,  Peppers has guitar in it,  Taco Truck part has guitar  (and Let The Light In is guitar dominant but not electric guitar though). It seems in the last section of the album  there is a bit of guitar and I hope that leads to having more guitar on LDR10. And also trap  too when you think about it. This might be pure delusion but whatever 
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