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  1. Laurel Hell Rough Trade Exclusive Tracks:
  2. Mitski - Stay Soft out today (9pm PT) / tomorrow (12am ET/ 5am GMT)
  3. No one asked, but I delivered anyway Below you will find a trophy for each category (I hope! I skipped a few towards the end that had long titles. Better not be missing anything else hah) I was very hesitant to upload these because the more time I spent on em the more I was getting into my head The more trophies I made, the more I started tweaking the colors and materials and lights so the design kind of changed midway through Next year if I do this again It'll be a still shot so I can at least make it out of glass and add bokeh etc etc etc (and render with Cycles not Eevee) I put a lot of love and time (to render them) I hope you like yours : )
  4. I've been thinking about making a thread where I post some of my 3D models we should make it a reality @the ocean It kinda is until you learn the most commonly used shortcuts and the things you will use 95% of the time for each model. After that it's up to your imagination............ and reddit when something goes wrong for no reason and you spend 30 minutes looking for something only to realize the version you're using has switched things around and the post on a random forum can't fully help you But I'm not a professional 3D artist so don't quite take my word for it
  5. LMAOOOOO THAT IS SO FUNNY I use Blender 3.0! I'm about to render once more but this time I lowered the resolution to something normal (gifs ruin the resolution anyway) I reduced the frames to 160 (omg I just realized my math is wrong... it should've been 150 frames not 160 ohhh I'm not gonna bother at all changing it) and removed some extra effects like Bloom that you can't see in the gif in the first place. I hope that cuts down the render time more than 50%. We shall see
  6. Today, on a whim, I decided to do something that would, to an extent, immortalize or make this year's event harder to forget -- or whatever you want to call it -- by 3D modeling a trophy for all the winners (and runner-ups if they requested one.) However, once I got to rendering, I realized that this project of mine was too ambitious Here is what the award looks like: I had over-estimated how long a 10 second, 30 fps animation would take to render. It took ~15 seconds a frame, meaning: 15x300 = 4500 seconds = 75 minutes So now I do not know what to do I wouldn't say I've given up, but I definitely cannot make one award for everyone inc runner-ups Edit: did a few things differently so I think I can make it work Just need to do another render Edit 2: each frame renders for 3.50 seconds now so me thinks this is doable now Edit 3: it takes ~10 minutes per render. Epic gamer moment I guess I'm doing this huh
  7. Waking up to dozens of mentions had me Sitting here for 15 minutes just to write that one sentence okay lemme get a grip for a sec On behalf of everyone from Leftcheek & Filler Co. ................ Thank you!! Now, you may be asking [pick a different font from mine pls] "Why weren't you at the award ceremony last night?" Thing is, I had been planning my entrance since the day I got nominated and had been working on a lil song-y song to perform Yes,,, I know my official job position was to take the coats from everyone but I also wanted to have fun!!!! Unfortunately,,,,,, I didn't get the Google Calendar notification that the event had been scheduled for 4:30 ET so I arrived at 1:45 (ET). SO while I was warming up and getting over my stage freight... I was attacked by a bee!!! Yes.... tragjic I know! My manager was live on IG when the incident occured.. see for yourself... I was escorted home safely but it was all a blur and I'd forgotten all my devices there so I couldn't attend the event via the link provided: http://lanaboards.com/topic/13469-2021-lipsters-awards-january-22nd-430pm-et/#comments Anyone seen my phones? That is why there was no one at the entrance taking your coats, and the reason why the event started with 36 minutes of 4K Bermuda Summer Mix 2022 🍓 Best Of Tropical Deep House Music Chill Out Mix By Deep Mix streamed from YouTube...... now you know But I prevailed! And I'm here to accept my 1.98 awards Seriously. It's surprising to me that many people even know about me to nominate me! That gif above is seriously distracting me.... I don't always check the latest & most active thread for a multitude of reasons (one being that I try to minimize aimless scrolling habits from social media etc) but even if I do see what ppl are saying, I rarely contribute anything. Also, I think ppl are/would get tired if every time I make a post, it's formatted like this. And I like to keep my analyses to myself and see what ppl smarter than me & ppl who can put their thoughts into words are saying so I can compare. Also drama. Ngl ppl fighting over their personal opinions wears me out so quick!! But still.. I'm around. peeking in the background n watching others having fun and not being hard on myself for it :Р Thank u for remembering me and now a special message to Jack Antonoff himself who stole my award: YOU!!!!! congratulasheons I'll still take ownership of that award as well seeing that they haven't been active since last year and haven't done a campaign or given an award speech I still have over 25 pages to go through but congrats to Surf Noir and Terrence Loves Me and everyone else (I forgor so I'm rereading the thread again) I won't be @-ing anyone or responding to posts @-ing me since i"m nearly 12 hours late. Since lanadelrey won an award, by proxy I also earn like 1/100th of that award.... since... u kno.... read my username How do I end this message? Here's how long it took me to compose and compile this post - Leftcheeck & Filler LLC. Edit: jokes aside the event was held around/after midnight in my time zone so I couldn't attend.
  8. I love her entire discography, but I always find myself coming back to this song
  9. Mitski - Love Me More out tomorrow (3pm GMT/ 10am ET/ 7am PT)
  10. Waking up to find I've won the category for Best Username of 2021 Scrolling down and seeing I've won the category Worst Username of 2021 Writing down all $50 words I know on a napkin and trying to string One normal, coherent sentence to thank everyone who voted for me only to realize these are the nominations and not the winners well Hey all it's left cheek (that's me btw) and uhh I've been told I need to say some nice words to makye you all consider voting me for BEST and WORST username of 2021 (look inward. You know it'd be awesome to have both titles simultaneously.) So here I am.. with my words haha.. Just me and no one else!!! No gun to my head or anything lol!!! nope!!! See?? Just lil ol' me ah-hyuck!! Anyway... if you want to make the littul boy who woke up with bubble guts (real vulnerable. and yes I'm referring to myself again) I suggest you vote for @LanasLeftCheekFiller for best & worst username for worse username of 2021 That's @LanasLeftCheekFiller for BEST & WORST username for the 2021 Lanaboards Lipster Awards Edit: editorializing a lil bit but consider votoing for @Alison by Slowdive @boom like that @honeybadger @Pineapple B00ST @COCC @stupidapartmentcomplex in the categories applicable Edit 2: @admin voted
  11. having my eyes on the worst username award speaking it into existence NOW
  12. I don't listen to many artists so this thread has made me remember some of the good albums that have come out this year that I had forgotten about. I had exactly ten albums to work it so this is perfect Top 10 Albums of 2021: 1. Clairo - Sling 2. Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee 3. The Marías - CINEMA 4. Lorde - Solar Power 5. Lana Del Rey - Blue Banisters 6. Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over the Country Club 7. Claud - Super Monster 8. Tinashe - 333 9. Molly Burch - Romantic Images 10. Still Corners - The Last Exit Top 10 Music Videos of 2021: 1. Mitski - Working for the Knife 2. Japanese Breakfast - Posing in Bondage 3. Mitski - The Only Heartbreaker (aka Barack Obama's song of the year ) 4. Lana Del Rey - Arcadia yeah idk I don't watch music videos Top 25 Songs of 2021 (work in progress): 1. Paint Studio - Drawing Track #3
  13. Mitski - Heat Lightning out tomorrow! (3pm UCT)
  14. Ironic that I actually can't listen to music while working on tasks or doing anything creative because it distracts me or I spend an hour daydreaming while having one song on repeat Is this Spotify's way of telling me I have undiagnosed ADHD?
  15. Sucks to see Lana not get nominated for any category, but I am very surprised to see Japanese Breakfast on the list; Jubilee is one of my favorite albums from this year
  16. Laurel Hell animated album covers extracted from Apple Music
  17. I just saw there's a digital cover so I'll edit my post. I love the monochromatic cover though
  18. Laurel Hell out February 4th 2022
  19. Found this image hidden in the code of her website shortly after WFTK was released. I wonder if it has anything to do with The Only Heartbreaker or if it's a cropped promo photo Edit: Can anyone extract the background image from her website? I want to keep it, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in the source page. Edit 2:
  20. The Only Heartbreaker out tomorrow!
  21. Working for the Knife lyric video!
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