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  1. "I've seen a lot of people criticizing her for the way she sings "I love you" in "Fuck it I love you". My interpretation is that it connects to the second line in "Norman Fucking Rockwell" - You fucked me so good I almost said I love you. She's trying to make it sound as if she starts saying I like you, but changes her mind mid-sentence because fuck it." Saw this on reddit and I really like this theory, because I keep hearing fuck it I like you
  2. I'm very picky and particular when it comes to aesthetics and the way things are lined up in photos etc, so when I first saw the cover I immediately thought it was too busy, too unsymmetric, too much (and that it kinda belonged in one of those unsatisfying video compilations lmao). BUT (and this doesn't happen that often for me) after letting it sink in for a hot sec it's suddenly feels really cohesive and pleasing to look at. When comparing NFR to her other covers, I realised that the simplicity of the others actually makes me more prone to focus on the things I think look weird or bad. Anygays this prob didn't make any sense and I'm not sure how to post pics yet bcs this is my first time
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