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    Lol sis is really a Hollywood coochie reject. She couldn't live up to any of that sugar baby lolita shit because she's too fucking old for any of these money men to fall for it LMAO
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  1. I don’t feel like the lyrics would be a problem. I think the music is dated though so I don’t think it would do well
  2. daisy fresh bitch

    Song vs. Song

    Black Beauty vs Doin Time
  3. not to be mean but when did lustforlife become an insider on this stuff?
  4. daisy fresh bitch

    Song vs. Song

    Your Girl vs Spin Me Round
  5. I’ve always wondered, did Lana or Tim Larcombe write this line: “a freshman generation of degenerate beauty queens” What do you guys think? Personally, I think it sounds like something a writer’s room came up with. just doesn’t sound like Lana imo
  6. daisy fresh bitch

    Song vs. Song

    Brooklyn Baby vs Mermaid Motel
  7. what are the exclusive cds? what makes them exclusive
  8. when she said I’ll pray for you, I thought of the I’ll pray for you Kathy tweet. I think she did it intentionally tbh
  9. driving without looking at the road again, that’s so her
  10. daisy fresh bitch

    Song vs. Song

    terrence loves you vs dear elliot/westbound
  11. haven’t been on in a few days, just seeing the thread title changed. can we no longer confirm the name of the album is Blue Banisters?
  12. in response to the recent discussions: You Can Be the Boss is NOT overrated. It was the second track on this CD I burned and I listened to it every day before school with my portable CD player and hearing all the little elements of it was so wonderful. There are so many hidden details that only come out when you really listen. It’s one of my favorites from her - a true bop I don’t understand the Yes to Heaven slander either. It’s gorgeous. The first several seconds of each version are just out of this world, the instrumentation is beautiful. I do agree that Serial Killer is a bit overrated, but it is still a fun song to sing and dance to and I enjoy listening to it. Queen of Disaster is nothing beautiful but it’s fun to jump around to and although it’s not one of her songs that I’ll listen to on repeat, it’s still a fun time whenever it comes on
  14. daisy fresh bitch


    next album?!?!?! do we have any type of time frame of when it will be released?
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