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    laying in Versailles
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    Lol sis is really a Hollywood coochie reject. She couldn't live up to any of that sugar baby lolita shit because she's too fucking old for any of these money men to fall for it LMAO
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  1. Bentley Prom Song (Gone Wrong) Your Band Is All The Rage Brooklyn Baby Flipside Fuck it, I love you Lust for Life (demo 2) Us Against the World Your Girl 13 Beaches Heroin Honeymoon The Blackest Day 24 Color Blue Axl Rose Husband Making Out Dance for Money Yes to Heaven
  2. daisy fresh bitch

    Song vs. Song

    oh jeez this is tuff. gotta pick tbd bc of the outro the blackest day vs smarty
  3. you've heard dealer? how do you know it's bottom of the barrel? just cause Lana didn't add it doesn't mean it will be bad
  4. I saw a jeep on the road today with a tire cover that said "not all who wander are lost"...she's coming!
  5. yellow is the color of her eyes is such a sad video
  6. I genuinely like roll with me, delicious, match made in heaven, and scarface. I won't turn off criminals run the world or bollywood hawaii off if they come on, but I understand why someone wouldn't like them cause the way she says "baddest dreams"
  7. making out is one of her best unreleased songs and moi je joue is amazing too. both better than Jack's work
  8. mostly a joke but it's just such a snooze fest. so boring. i hate jack's piano and his work is rated low on my lists so i felt a jack produced song should be on there
  9. There are only three Lana songs that I don't have downloaded: Birds of a Feather, H*** A B***, and Damn You. Damn You is gross. unlistenable. forgot to put it on my previous unlistenable list comment oh girl....yes, this is worse. the demo version is superior though
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