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  1. Swan Song


    Completely agree. I keep coming back to IDORU and I couldn't explain why but I think you said it perfectly. It's so dreamy and even with being a longer song, I have it on replay, reminds me of when Venice Bitch came out. Grimes was my top artist this year which surprised me (sorry Lana ) but it's definitely because of this album
  2. The wannabe collector in me wants to buy but that price on the forgotten vibes box
  3. Yeah sad about the Lana collab, wonder if we will ever get that one? But I love the album and the bowie aesthetic regardless.The one downside is that it's so short, I kinda wish there was a few more songs. Devil's Advocate is my favorite tho
  4. I really love the ending of this one, it's beautiful
  5. So I listened to half of it at the beach and the other half at my house and.... it is a lot better than I thought it would be! The music is beautiful and I like hearing her read, it feels obviously personal and intimate, and very emotional. Some of it that is written in a stream of consciousness style makes me wish I had the actual book in my hands so I could go back and look at it myself. I loved Bare Feet on Linoleum and it's so weird? I know a lot of people miss her mystery and (her fave word) persona that she had, but I liked this and it brings an image of who she is/wants to be to the forefront a little more.
  6. The urban outfitters version is actually really underwhelming, which kinda sucks cause I usually love picking up their alternate versions. I'm not sure what I was expecting but a different color that matched the cover better than the blue would've been more of a draw, imo.
  7. UV NFR HM BTD LFL P Though the top 3 change places whenever I give them a listen so who knows
  8. When I tell you I came here so fast as soon as I saw the post lmao
  9. This is what I get for being the Lana stan in my friend group because everyone is messaging me asking if Lana is losing her mind
  10. my taste is probably questionable but I'm obsessed with Bartender right now I bought me a truck in the middle of the night It'll buy me a year if I play my cards right Photo free exits from baby's bedside 'Cause they don't yet know what car I drive
  11. BTD CD (wish I had the boxset ) BTD vinyl American Tour shirt UV Boxset Endless Summer shirt Endless Summer Vip bandana, ticket etc Signed lyric book (green). I prob could sell everything else if I ever needed to except this tbh Cocaine heart necklace Honeymoon vinyl (urban outfitters version) Honeymoon boxset LATTM shirt Lust for Life signed vinyl Lust for Life signed CD Lust for Life signed poster thing that I still need to get a frame for Boat hat NFR Vinyl (green) NFR UK exclusive cassette (and maybe signed print if it shows up?) I have the most random mags of our girl too, Idk i've never been great at collecting them. I have Maxim, Rolling Stone, her first shoot with V and another one I think? For unofficial I have a phone case and that Hollywood hat she used to wear a ton. And a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon lol. I feel like I have the most LFL stuff and that is def not my favorite album by her but oh well
  12. I literally ran to this website when i saw that pitchfork review and all of your reactions are so wholesome....whew....the validation i feel for her
  13. I’ll be there! I think I’m in Loge 21. Might livestream but idk
  14. I'm addicted to listening to Cherry so she really did that I also really love Yes To Heaven and it gets stuck in my head out of all her unreleased....... which is even sadder when you consider how much I wanted Your Girl to leak a while ago and now I don't really care about it
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