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  1. they described BBS as trap and eclipse confirmed nobody has it/has heard it and they described an Erickson song as surf rock, which is very hard to believe
  2. Proud to say I was never a LFL believer I can’t believe we’re about a month away from our second album this year
  3. I absolutely agree!! it’s so weird seeing people post paragraphs bashing her and her decision as if it makes any real difference in their day to day lives. Lana is human and she made a decision for herself. She’s not obligated to have social media, she isn’t going to flop because she isn’t posting once a week on Instagram, and I’m sure eventually when she feels up to it, she’ll be back
  4. delusions are running high today I’m so curious about song lengths and the instruments in each song! That was one of the funnest parts of COTCC’s pre release
  5. This new is so sad and sudden. I watched the video and she does seem off. And “we’re deleting my social media” seems very suspicious. This doesn’t sound like a her thing, this sounds like she’s being forced into being silenced not to mention BOZ said months ago said they were controlling her social media sites. Something seems very off about all of this
  6. I’m too broke for that I did order 2 physicals and maybe a 3rd today
  7. I can’t believe we’re in a new thread, we got the single, and the album is on the way it feels so surreal The song really blew me away, the demo she posted in July didn’t do it justice! We’re really about to get Lana’s best album
  8. I’m so exited for dealer I can’t wait to scream along with her when she says “I don’t wanna live”
  9. 84 members and y’all are talking about tiger dick
  10. I stg we better get a tracklist and preorder Wednesday
  11. We should insanely hype up this ‘leak’ and maybe the insiders will get nervous thinking things are leaking and finish the job, like they did with French restaurant
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