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  1. I wish Lana would have let mike go truly wild with synths for WW. Making him do a (basically) piano only song wasn’t the right move. WW (synth version) would have been fantastic in the first half of the album since the trio and BBS are both super weird and wild compared to the rest of the album.
  2. What an INCREDIBLE album cover to cover!!! I’m a number 1 Chemtrails fan but THIS album is what I’ve been missing since LFL I do wish LL, NOTG, and CB would have been even a little reworked, especially when thunder got a full rework but with the album being a 10/10 I forgive it! This album, just like Chemtrails, shot up to my top 3 on the third listen. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us in the future, and I can’t wait to forever speculate and have fun with the Lanaboards family
  3. Happy final day in the pre-release thread! If you had told me in July when we were told “single soonish album later later” we would be getting the album in October I wouldn’t have believed you no guitar on CB either
  4. on her honeymoon post she said it was her bother and Chris who filmed it, and it was produced by nobody
  5. I really like it, she says she likes videos that don’t go anywhere and it was a nice taste of the album photoshoot; but I agree a change of scenery or time would have been nice..the video also feels just slightly lacking in color
  6. I knew you were the one to ask!! Thank you queen I love how she planned all this out so perfectly! The video, while simple, is so absolutely gorgeous
  7. That review is…..something. there’s so many backhanded compliments and straight factually incorrect things sprinkled through. I was hoping the album was gonna be a success with critics but now it’s seeming like maybe it won’t be. At least they didn’t mention any of her controversies
  8. So @IanadeIrey Based on how pregnant Chuck is, when would you say this was filmed?
  9. That video was so freaking cute. She looks absolutely beautiful and I love the line between ‘high budget’ and ‘homemade’ I know she said nobody produced it, but is that code for her new boyfriend produced it?
  10. I mean let’s be real it’s going to be the exact same, leaked version, on streaming but I’m gonna be Delulu until Friday
  11. like I can’t imagine she managed to screw up two credits, including a producer like I know her and the team can be messy but it would make sense
  12. I’m gonna be delusional and believe Lana purposely put the leaked version of the songs on physicals because she knew they were leaked and she’s putting the completely reworked version on steaming. That would explain why the credits are both different in the booklet and Rick is credited as a producer of CB
  13. I really like textbook, but I feel like verse 2 drags on just a little bit. It picks up and climaxes with the “old man river keeps rolling in” and that whole outro, but in the middle of the song I do start to get just a smidge bored
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