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  1. Tex and Mex howling in the pre-chorus
  2. The majority of Lana’s songs have piano in it and electric guitars too. E.g. American. Keep your faith
  3. I don’t wanna sound delusional but Let Me Love You Like A Woman has electric guitars, even Breaking Up Slowly…
  4. Mike absolutely knows that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd http://
  5. The music section is empty. I’m sure codes of that page aren’t tho…
  6. You can put albums on pre-order without showing the tracklist. A lot of artists do that.
  7. It’s usually an Instagram post + pre-order around 7 PM CEST
  8. But now I want to know if “DNC” is still a thing or just a scrapped project
  9. It’s not just a disservice. The subject of the question is the tunnel that’s under the street, not the boulevard! It’s like calling Chemtrails “Country Club”.
  10. I don’t wanna be delusional but shouldn’t we find the pre-save link on the lana.lnk.to/oceanblvd code?
  11. I think it should be “tunnel”. She’s talking about the tunnel that’s under ocean blvd.
  12. Unmanifesting this. I don’t want another Flipside/Is This Happiness mess. Nope nope.
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