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  1. TextBook

    Melanie Martinez

    I love Melanie but she has sooo many ways of making money, let's stop blaming her leaked music. She's an amazing artist with a beautiful mind, but she need to understand that people won't wait years and years for an album. People leak her music for a reason
  2. I think that you taste like raw candy
  3. $2,500 is just too much. I understand that they’re signed by the artists and they’re very limited. But each cover it’s still a printed artwork. You’re buying a signed print on a vinyl cover, not a real painting. $2,500 for what?
  4. I don’t know if you’re serious or not, but Rock Candy Sweet-Loved You Then And Now is a Jack Antonoff song. WCE was produced by Drew.
  5. We wish. I can’t believe we bought them in September and now it’s January.
  6. I feel like this song wasn’t made for Euphoria (just like Young & Beautiful wasn’t made for the movie). It could be a reworked unfinished demo from BB. anyway I love it
  7. I totally get why you guys don’t like it that much, but it’s still so beautiful and hunting. I think it’s one of her best songs
  8. Cause she found the 13th beach empty with dripping peaches (and she’s camera ready too)
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